Recent Craftiness

This is the bow holder I made for the girls' room back during the summer.  It was really easy... I wrapped a rectangular canvas in fabric, then hot-glued on the H and circle I had cut from contrasting fabrics (I used fray-check on the edges after I cut them out--I love that stuff!).  I had picked up the two wooden decorations at a craft store sometime or other, and I just used hot glue to attach them also.  I finished it off with four ribbons along the bottom to keep all the hairbows organized.  I was pretty pleased for the first attempt, and it has held up well so far!

My dry-erase calendar was an adaptation of something I saw on Pinterest, naturally.  I made a few mistakes on this first one, and I'm planning to redo it soon.  It has served its purpose well though, and I enjoy having an easily-accessible calendar in the kitchen.

This little picture started out to be a redo of the dry-erase calendar.  I intended to take out the mat and use this frame to make a small calendar for work.  I messed up the lines, though, and since I really liked this paper (it coordinates with some of my fall decorations), I decided to write this verse and put it up through the Thanksgiving holiday.  I actually like where it hangs, so I may just keep a different seasonal phrase/verse up there all the time.

Before our vacation in September, I put together several new activities to occupy the girls in the car.  Inspired by Marcia's notebooks, I made a "doodle book" for each of them to use in the car, restaurants, etc.  (The notebooks are just composition books covered in mod podge and scrapbook paper, with the circle cut from an alternating print and glued on.)  So far, they have been a hit!  I am thinking of attaching a pen on a string so there will be no more lost pens in the car.

What have you been crafting lately?  Is Pinterest inspiring any new projects in your home?  Be sure to check out Marcia's virtual craft link-up for more crafty ideas!


  1. LOVE all of it! I've had a bow holder idea in my mind for quite some time and haven't had time to make it yet! Our poor bows are thrown in a plastic tub :(

  2. Those all look great! Love seeing you putting those Pinterest ideas into action! :)

  3. OH MY GOSH!


    Yes, I'm screaming :)

    I love the hair bow holder, your framed print (is that your handwriting????) but most, the fact that it's up :)

    Also the doodle book is gorgeous - I often think of doing similar for our kids but they'll just rip off my cuteness so they get plain books that I don't mind tossing once they've wrecked them LOL

    I am DELIGHTED that you linked up!


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