Imagination Station

One of the many things I didn't realize about being a parent was just how much I would enjoy watching them learn new skills and concepts.  Watching Mackenzie grasp the concept of potty training and overcome that huge step has just been amazing.  I can see the excitement in her face each time she has success, and it's easy to see how proud of herself she feels.  (And for the record, after more than two weeks with no accidents, I am counting her as POTTY TRAINED!  One down, one to go!)

Another thing that is fun to watch is the development of the girls' imaginations, which are in full swing right now.

Not long after school started back in August, the girls started talking about someone named either "Caleb" or "Kayla"...it's hard to tell exactly how they're saying it.  (Most of the time it comes out sounding like "K-love"-- a playground rapper, perhaps?)  Upon checking with their teachers, we ascertained that there was no Caleb or Kayla in their class or any of the classes they come into contact with.  After many instances of overhearing the girls boss "K-love" around, tell him (her?) to take a nap, buckle his car seat, and eat his lunch, we decided that Addison & Mackenzie may just have their first imaginary friend.

Having had two imaginary friends of my own as a child, I think it's pretty darn cute.  (No, I won't reveal my childhood friends' names or exactly how long I carried on conversations with them!) 

The pretend games have only increased since then, in both animation and complexity.  The latest game involves the girls pretending to be one of their teachers, with Mrs. Pam, their Sunday school teacher being the primary character of the moment.  Addison is particularly serious in her role, often completely ignoring me saying her name until she finally gives me an exasperated look and says, "I'm Mrs. Pam!".  Some days it's hard to keep track of just who I am supposed to be talking to!  Addison will open any one of her books and say, "This is my Bible and I'm going to read you a story.  You sit down and listen." 

Who can refuse such a cute demand?  : )


  1. My girls started the pretend thing not too long ago and I LOVE IT! Though it's funny that mostly they pretend "restaurant" where one is the waitress and the other is the customer! I need to catch them on video! Alex always orders "a cheeseburger and a box of apple juice" and it's funny because they neither of them even like apple juice ;)

  2. That is hilarious. I just laughed out loud in my office!!!!!
    I love this age. Their imaginations are at work and its so adorable.

  3. too cute!

    I also get bossed around by both of mine.

    "Mummy, Connor very, very hungry. Please come to kitchen to get food"



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