So Very Thankful

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again, and we have so, so much to be thankful for this year. The last few months have been a series of ups and downs for us, obviously, but we are on a major uphill climb for now, and we are glad to be here! I had my first experience with the Neonatal ICU today, visiting a friend's baby, and let me tell you, that's a trip that will make you grateful for the blessings in your life. The little guy I was visiting was born with a birth defect that will require at least two surgeries to correct, but he is making good progress and should get to go home early next week. I saw a family in the waiting room whose baby was born at only 23 weeks, weighing barely one pound. Amazingly enough, that was almost a month ago, and he's still fighting! I glimpsed tiny, two-pound babies with breathing masks bigger than they are, and I saw the strain on the parents' faces as they watched their children fighting unfair battles. Jeremy and I spent the first few weeks of our pregnancy preparing to be one of those families, and just praying we'd get the chance to make it that far. Now here I sit tonight, nearly 18 weeks into an unbelievably healthy pregnancy, giving thanks for all the blessings that God has sent our way.

Speaking of which.... Our last visit to the doctor was wonderfully uneventful! The babies are growing even better than expected, weighing in at 5oz. and 6oz., which is about a week ahead of where they should typically be at this point! The fluid on both babies was normal, indicating that there is no sharing going on at this point. Another potential complication dodged for now! We are so, so lucky. : )

And, of course, the other important news...it looks like we are likely having GIRLS!!! She got a pretty good look at one, and since we know they're identical, that's all it takes! We're not painting the bedroom yet, but we are definitely moving in that direction. Though I would have been just as grateful for boys, I am a little relieved. I have not had much experience with baby boys, and I'll admit I was quite nervous about the possibility of learning by experience with two at once!

I'll end with a recent picture- me at 17 weeks, earlier this week:

And a close-up of the baby bump:

One more, because I can't leave them out...our first babies (who are in for a rude awakening in a few months!):


Sick, Sick, Sick

We are still alive in the Hughes household. I have been off work the last two days, sick with a cold. It really, really stinks not being able to take my usual Tylenol Cold to help me breathe at night. I have spent the last two days moving back and forth between the couch and the recliner, kicking the dogs off my feet when I get hot, and complaining about daytime tv. Can I just say that I am absolutely bored to death?! There are things I could do...clean up a little in this filthy house, work on Northeast stuff, etc. Instead, I have watched most of season 3 of the Gilmore girls (which just happens to be my favorite season) and consumed massive amounts of pistachios (lots of protein).
I have to go to work tomorrow, because Monday is my next doctor's appointment! We are having the big ultrasound to check for growth discrepancies in the babies, and we should also find out whether we need to start planning for boys or girls!! I am so looking forward to seeing them again, and to knowing what we're going to have. I think that will make it feel a little more real. I am officially in my second trimester now, and I am feeling pretty good. I'm still tired pretty much all the time, but not as bad as before. My belly is growing almost daily, and I am wearing maternity pants most of the time now. Pictures coming soon....
We had a wonderful time in Gulf Shores a couple of weeks ago...just the restful and relaxing week we needed. It was COLD most of the week, so we spent most of our time eating, napping, and reading. Perfection. I have to admit, we never even set foot on the beach! Jeremy saw a sign for the naval aviation museum in Pensacola, so we headed over there one morning to check it out. We got to watch the Blue Angels practice, which was really fun...even if it was THIRTY-THREE degrees!! It was a neat side trip, and best of all, completely free. I suggest checking it out if you're in the area.
On another note, I can't believe how quickly the holidays are approaching. Thanksgiving is just the week after next, then Christmas will be here in no time. Where has the year gone? We bought a new Christmas tree at Costco on Tuesday, and I can't wait to get it decorated! I like a real Christmas tree, but it's so much work and mess that we've switched to artificial (at least for now). Time to get in the spirit!