Wishlist Wednesday

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, my thoughts are turning to shopping a little more often than usual.  I love picking out gifts for friends and family, and browsing and list-making is a big part of the fun for me.  I already have a few gifts in mind this year, including a few homemade items (more on those soon!).

One thing I have trouble with at Christmas is answering the question, "What would you like this year?"  In my family, it's not a big deal...they have known me my entire life, after all, so they have a pretty good idea what I would like.  Plus, my sister and I each help our mom to shop for the other, and we have similar taste (sometimes we inadvertently pick out matching gifts for each other!).  In Jeremy's family, things are a little different.  When someone asks for a list of things you would like, they mean it. If you put an item on a wishlist for his mom, you're pretty much guaranteed to get it (nice, right??).

Since it is very hard for me to come up with ideas on the spot, I have tried to make a list of things to suggest this year.  You know, the extras that I would like to have, but haven't gotten around to buying for myself.

A few items I have come up with so far...

Source: walmart.com via Deanna on Pinterest

I have a yard-sale sewing machine in the closet, but it's several years old and does not have a manual with it.  I'm pretty sure a manual is a necessity for me, so if I have any hope of learning to sew, I think I'm going to have to start with something easy to use.  This machine has great reviews, and at $130.00, it's not a huge investment.  (Jeremy, this suggestion is for you!  Hint, hint...)

Source: toms.com via Deanna on Pinterest

I have wanted a pair of Toms for quite awhile, but just never got around to buying them.  Perfect gift idea, though!

I have come to the conclusion that I don't have enough hooded sweatshirts in my life.  This Atlanta Braves hoodie would make a great addition to my weekend wardrobe.

I haven't seen the last two (or three, maybe?) Harry Potter movies, but I did get swept up in the Potter-mania that surrounded the recent release of the final movie.  I have found myself with an overwhelming desire to start over and read the series again from the beginning.  I have owned a few of the books at some point, but who knows where they might have wandered off to in the years since I've read them.  Now that all the books are available in paperback, I would love to own the complete set.  I can't wait to watch my girls experience the Harry Potter story one day!

A few months ago, I got hooked on Veronica Mars on Netflix.  I knew it was supposed to be a great show (HOW did it only last three seasons??), but I just never got around to watching it before that time.  Sadly, when I was about six episodes into season one, Netflix took it off their streaming list.  There are often good deals for the DVDs on half.com, so I'm hoping someone might snag a copy for me.  I can't wait to watch the rest of the series, though I'm sure I will be sad all over again when it ends too quickly (only THREE seasons?!).

And that concludes my personal holiday gift guide so far this season...always subject to revision, of course. 

What's on your wishlist holiday season?  Do you have trouble giving others an idea of what you want? 


  1. Great items!! Hope you receive most of them.

    I need to think about my list.

  2. I keep putting my Christmas wants on pinterest and telling Husband he's more than welcome to check them out.

    Love that sweatshirt...just in the NY Giants.


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