Good food can heal a lot of hurts

Well, the game didn't exactly turn out the way we Alabama fans had hoped, but we had a pretty good night hanging out at home.  We watched the first half of the game together before the girls went to bed, and they had fun getting excited and yelling at the tv with me.  : )

A couple of weeks ago, I made crockpot buffalo chicken, and we really liked it.  Jeremy mentioned that the sauce would be really good on wings.  Inspired by MandyE's email about game food, I decided to attempt wings for the first time ever. 

To my surprise, they turned out pretty well!  Jeremy liked them as well, and he mentioned that he would definitely appreciate a repeat.  I loosely followed this recipe (I left out the cayenne pepper and didn't really measure the garlic powder, etc.), with the modifications mentioned in the first few comments (bake them without sauce first, then add the sauce and broil for just a few minutes until the wings get slightly crispy).  I also used some dry ranch mix in my buffalo sauce, from the pinterest link above.

Anyway, despite Bama's disappointing loss, we had good food and quality family time, so I'll call the night a success.

Addison says "Roll Tide!" anyway...

Roll Tide!!

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