Phone Photo Dump

I'm really tired tonight, but I have blogged eight days in a row so far...I'm not quitting now!

Here are some Instagram pictures from my phone over the last few weeks:

October sky
Fall trees around the courthouse square.  Love seeing these trees when I come to work every day.

Mackenzie at dinner a few weeks ago

Addison painting pumpkins

Mackenzie and her pumpkin

Movie night!
Movie night with my two favorite girls!  The Wizard of Oz, of course.

Mackenzie at the library Saturday morning.

I hope to use this picture again after the Alabama/Auburn game!  : )
One of my current favorite pictures.

Jeremy is taking the day off tomorrow and he promised the girls a breakfast date before he takes them to school.  They went to bed really excited about it.  : )  

I am taking the afternoon off and J and I are going to lunch and to do a little shopping.  Combined with the holiday on Friday, it should be a great long weekend.  Hopefully a relaxing one as well...we could use it!


  1. Holy cow they are sooo cute!! I cant believe how big they are getting. :)

  2. just caught up on your last 9 posts :)

    i LOVE that last picture.

    and you're going to teach yourself how to sew?? i have a brand new machine that has been in the box for 10 years. i really want to learn, but am too afraid to teach myself. maybe i'll just have to do it?

  3. The pictures with the diapers and the pumpkins are just adorable...as is the last one. Please tell me you have an iPhone b/c I intend on getting one soon and I love the way it takes pictures.


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