Friday Night Five

1.   Well, I'm a NaBloPoMo flunkee.  I posted on each of the first nine days of November, which was a record for me, I'm sure.  But some days I just don't feel like blogging, or I am not inspired, and that doesn't make for good reading does it?

Many months ago, I basically stopped using the computer at home on the weekends, and quite honestly?  I like it that way.  The weekends are family time, and when the girls go to bed, Jeremy and I are left with some of the very few hours we get alone each week.  I don't need my "requirement" to post a blog to get in the way of that.  (If I were all organized and efficient like some other bloggers I know, I would have posts pre-written and set to post automatically.  Alas, that will never be me...I write about whatever is on my mind at the time.)

I do think maybe I can get in the habit of posting more often during the week, which was my original goal anyway.  So...win?

2.   I left work early yesterday and Jeremy and I were able to have lunch and do some shopping together.  I had my first peppermint mocha of the season, so it feels like the holidays are officially here!  I got the girls some black boots, which they are in LOVE with already, and a new outfit for our family pictures this weekend.  We picked up a present or two and just enjoyed wandering around for awhile, and it was very, very enjoyable.

3.   I had an unpleasant experience with a chain bookstore that still has me a little irritated.   I had a 25% off coupon, so I was going to break my own rule (don't buy anything for yourself that you have already put on your Christmas wishlist!) and buy the Harry Potter box set.  I knew the average online price was around $50, so when the clerk helping me pulled up the price of $86 and some change, I quickly declined.  While taking a coffee break, I searched for the online listing and quickly found the set on the store's OWN website for $52.15, with a little button that said "click here to pick-up in your local store".  Sounds like a workable deal, right?  I reserve it at the online price, then "pick it up" at the store.

I'm sure you can see this coming, but it didn't happen.  No, apparently when you reserve online, you have to pay the store's price at pickup if there's a difference.  Do you know how extremely upset I would have been if I had traveled to the store to pick those up?  It would not have been my best moment, I feel sure.

Though I didn't really want to give them my money after that, I saw a book I knew A & M would flip over, so I used my coupon to get it for them.  We have another Llama, llama book, and they request it multiple times a day sometimes.

4.   I think the girls are back on schedule from the time change last weekend.  It wasn't particularly hard on us, but for the past couple of weeks they had been waking up a little earlier than usual so I was worried about the possibilities for a wrecked sleep-schedule.  They stayed up super-late one day last weekend, so it might have even helped that they were a little off schedule to begin with.  A & M are pretty much back on track, though they are still waking up earlier than they were for awhile, but I'm thinking the months of sleeping until 8:30 or 9:00 must have just been a fluke.  Regardless, I can't complain about 7:15 when they are also taking marathon afternoon naps, like the three-hour one from this afternoon.  (It was glorious!)

5.   Not to be deliberately vague (because I haaaaate that, really), but I have a possible change coming up, and it would be freakin' fantastic.  So, just send good wishes and/or prayers my way, okay?  I will certainly share if it happens.  It's a big maybe right now, but still...

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