Dorothy Ballerinas

When we first started talking about Halloween costumes this year, Addison & Mackenzie expressed a lot of interest in dressing up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  Annie was also mentioned, but I downplayed that one, as I do not have the energy/creativity to create an Orphan Annie outfit, and the only things available to buy were downright hideous!

So I started looking for Dorothy costumes.  I found a passable one on Amazon, then found a really cute handmade one on Etsy that was reasonably priced.  Alas, I procrastinated and when I went back to order, the Etsy shop was sold out.  By that point, the price on the Amazon costume had gone up as well, so I started doing some fast talking to convince the girls that ballerinas with ruby slippers would be so much better than a regular old Dorothy costume anyway.  Luckily, it was a pretty easy sell.  They got the red "Dorothy shoes" they wanted at Wal Mart, which was what they were most excited about anyway.

See, the thing is, I am nothing short of CHEAP when it comes to Halloween.  It was never a very big deal in our house growing up, and many of my costumes were made out of things we had around the house.  I just can't justify spending $30-$50 (times two!) for a crappy, cheaply made costume that the girls will wear for approximately four hours.  But that's just me.  : )

My sweet friend Melanie made tutus for the girls last year, so we added a shirt, some tights, and the Dorothy ballerina shoes...and ended up with some pretty cute ballerinas:

Can you see the pumpkins the girls painted a few weeks ago?

Jeremy had to work, so my cousin Lindsey and I took the girls to trick or treat at a few family members' homes.  They had practiced saying "Trick or Treat!", so they were really excited to put the practice into action...and reap the rewards!

Checking out the loot at Paw Paw's house

We came home early to hand out candy at our house, which I knew the girls would enjoy just as much.  We have a TON of trick or treaters in the neighborhood, and they had fun handing out candy, seeing the costumes, and scanning the street for the next group of kids.   I had fun eating the potato soup I put in the crock pot earlier in the day...and maybe sneaking a Reese's cup before bed.

Here's a short video of the girls saying Happy Halloween...note Addison's response the first time I ask what you say when you want candy:


  1. 1. Your girls are so stinkin' cute!

    2. Your accent has gotten thicker since we were in class together!

  2. I was only suckered out of $38 for two costumes and I have decided to leave them out for dress-up to get my money's worth! The girls are adorable though! I was amazed my girls weren't terrified of all the costumes and strangers!

    Side note: Totally blindsided by the accent! I sooo forgot you were from the south. LOL! The voice I made up for you totally doesn't match. I'm such a geek!

  3. Very very cute!!! I'm not huge on spending lots of money for Halloween. The boys used the same costumes they had last year, as they still fit.

  4. They looked PRECIOUS! My girls would LOVE those shiny red shoes! I hit a huge sale last minute at Gymboree for our costumes! (The regular price was just insane! Who would pay that?!) You should post more videos! LOVE hearing them!

  5. I can't STAND the cuteness - they are adorable with those shoes and the tutus. Beautiful!!!!

    I'm so glad you mentioned the cost because you know I don't do Halloween BUT even if I did, I would so have to get creative because I can't stand spending money for ONE event, a few hours long!

    Love the video (I don't hear a thick accent at all) - please do more for me and say all the Southern sayings "bless your heart" and "what in the Sam Hill?" Teehee

  6. This is adorable...nice save with the Dorothy shoes...Mom Win.


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