About Me

Surely I am not the only one who finds summarizing myself in a single paragraph to be a little overwhelming and intimidating.  How do I adequately summarize myself/mylife/my blog on a single page?

Well, here's my rule...when all else fails, use bullet points!
  • I was born and raised in Alabama, and I will probably never live anywhere else.  If I did, it would most likely be the Washington, D.C. area.  Abroad, I'd choose London, hands-down.
  • For now, we all live in the small town where I grew up.  It has its ups and downs, but it's a great place to raise kids, so here we are!
  • Relatively normal childhood...nothing exciting to note there.
  • I met my husband in college in 2002 (of course, he wasn't my husband then, but you get the point).  We stuck together through many sorority/fraternity parties, roommates, research papers, final exams, and a variety of part-time jobs. 
  • I finished college with a degree in political science and went on to get an M.A. in public affairs.  I don't talk about it a lot on the blog, but I do have a passion for politics and current events.  I get to exercise that part of my brain by teaching part-time at a local community college.
  • Jeremy and I were married in August 2006, in what was truly the wedding of my dreams.  (There was a horse and carriage!)
  • Our married life pre-kids was pretty low-key.  We aren't bar-hopping, party-crowd types (shocker, right?), and we have always preferred to spend time with our families or close friends.
  • In September 2008, Jeremy and I found out we were expecting identical twins.  Though he was pretty shocked, I strangely was not.  (See this post for an explanation of how I've always known I would have twins.)
  • After a fairly easy and uneventful pregnancy, I developed mild pre-eclampsia at 34 weeks. 
  • Mary Addison and Mackenzie Ross were born April 2, 2009, at 35 weeks' gestation.  They were tiny, but perfect.
  • The fun really began when we brought the girls home on April 5, 2009...and it hasn't stopped since!  Life with twin toddlers (though I still think of them as "babies") is often stressful, trying, and exhausting...but it's also amazing, wonderful, and exciting. 
It's a crazy, beautiful life...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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