Potty Mouth

No, not that kind of potty mouth...just lots of talking about the potty and bodily functions.

Since the last time I talked about my potty training frustrations, I pretty much dropped the subject.  Occasionally my mom or Jeremy's mom would ask the girls about sitting on the potty, but I didn't really mention it at all.

Imagine my surprise then, when my mom called last Tuesday to tell me that both Addison and Mackenzie had worn panties to school!  Their teachers have been telling us that it's fine to send them in panties whenever we are ready, so when they both agreed to wear them on Tuesday morning, off they went.  I think they had gone without diapers most of Monday as well, but honestly, I can't quite remember.

On Tuesday, neither one of the girls had an accident at school.  I could hardly believe it.  Even better, they had both used the potty at school.  (Remember, my girls must have amazingly huge bladders--they can hold it for hours--and they have still never pooped at school.)

Tuesday was a major milestone for our little family!

Addison had an accident at school on Wednesday, but she wore her panties again on Thursday and did just fine at school.  Since then, though, she has kind of regressed and flat-out begged for diapers.  After a bit of disagreement on Friday, Jeremy and I decided not to push her on it right now.  Addison has not been interested in the potty as long as Mackenzie has, so I feel good about giving her a little more time and focusing on M right now.

As for Mackenzie...she has been in panties full-time since last Tuesday and has not had a single accident.  AND she used the potty at our friends' house during a birthday party on Saturday!  Woo-hoo!!!

I should clarify that she has consistently peed in the potty; we still have a little way to go on the poop stuff.  (Sorry if this is all a little gross...we say "pee-pee" and "poo-poo" in our house...what kind of terms do you use with your kids?  There is no good way to say it, is there??)

For the first few days, M would request a diaper when she needed to poop (I'm pretty thankful for the bodily function control that allows her to wait while I get a diaper!), and I was okay dealing with that.  Thursday night, out of the blue, Mackenzie agreed when I suggested she try to poop on the potty.  And she did!  Well, a little at least.  I knew it wasn't, well...enough...but hey, it's a start!  She has since done it a couple more times, getting more comfortable each time. 

Maybe a little too comfortable, judging by her declaration in this video...
(Yes, she will want to kill me for this someday, so I am making a mental note to remove it before she gets old enough to be embarrassed by it.  In fact, this entire post should probably be made private at some point in the future...)

I am SO incredibly proud of my big girl.  I am also very proud of my Addison, who has handled all the extra attention directed at M with very little drama.  I know she will be ready before too long, and she will get her turn with the attention and praise.

While we can't throw out the diapers just yet, diapering only one child (plus honoring the occasional request for a diaper from Mackenzie) is already much easier on the wallet and on this mama and daddy.  These are exciting days in our house!


  1. Ha ha! I love it!

    I also worry about the attention game, but I am **hoping** it will spur Claire to join the potty game instead of acting out. I guess we shall see!

    Great job Mackenzie!!!

  2. So glad things are going well! We offered a big surprise for pooping in the potty and it seemed to do the trick! (thank goodness 3 weeks later that we're done with supplying surprises! Haha!) Just today, as we were washing hands in the restaurant, this lady asked me, "Did she just say 'bye poo-poo?!" Yep, she does every time! Haha!

  3. TOO CUTE! They talk beautifully :)

    We say pee and poo!

    I'm trying to teach the kids that some things are not for talking about with other people...........

  4. Feels so good when it "clicks," right? Amazing!

    I love those little accents too!

  5. Love it!!! The boys are still showing no interest in going poo or pee on the potty, and yes those are the words we use in this house too. Sounds great!!! Enjoy the less diapering budget!

  6. That video is so cute!!!
    Congrats on getting one closer to being diaper free.


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