This Week on Pinterest....

Like so much of the Internet, my love affair with Pinterest continues.  It's just so fun to see all the different tastes colliding and the amazing things people can do.

I have surprised myself (and probably my family) by actually carrying out a few of the ideas I found on Pinterest, and I have many more plans in the works.  (Which I think is a natural course of events after you sign up for an account, am I right?  We all want to build a new house, make something crafty with mason jars, and find a spot for a cozy little reading nook.)

What I've tried so far:

These DIY coasters were very easy and fun to make.  Just a few ceramic tiles, some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and clear spray paint and I can have fun for hours.  I made a couple to experiment with, and now I'm stocked up on tiles and ready to try some more.  I added a monogram and a quotation on a couple, and they turned out well too.  (I just used a permanent marker on the scrapbook paper before gluing it onto the tile.)

I have marked quite a few recipes to try, but the one I have tried so far was a hit with both Jeremy and the girls:

I made these little roll-ups with turkey and cheese, and Addison & Mackenzie thought they were the most fun "sandwiches" they'd ever had.  I added chopped onions into mine one night, then used broccoli when we had them this weekend.  There are lots of possibilities, and I'm glad to have found a quick and easy meal the girls will eat!

I haven't made them yet because I keep forgetting to pick up an apple corer, but I'm kind of obsessed with these little apple sandwiches.  Aren't they cute?  I think instead of granola, I will use dry oats.  This would be something I could really enjoy for breakfast.

This desk skirt is my inspiration for my own furniture project that I hope to accomplish this week.  I have a midcentury-style desk that I have long planned to paint and use in the kitchen.  I need a permanent place for the laptop and external hard drive...instead of on the floor under the edge of the couch.  When I saw this desk skirt, I realized that would be the perfect way to hide the cords, etc., so the desk can be functional but still cute.  I am looking for just the right fabric to make the skirting (okay, have someone make is more like it!), possibly one I can also use for a valance over the kitchen window. 

The spot I plan to put the desk has long been occupied by the girls' high chairs, so I have been waiting for them to be outgrown until I really started this project.  We have the convertible/booster style chairs that strap onto our regular chairs, but the arms were too high to fit under our table.  The other day I came across some smaller booster seats for $10 each and decided it was time to make the switch.  

We're still working on not using the big table as a high chair tray (meaning no smearing ketchup all over it, for one thing), but a couple of kid-friendly placemats should help with that.  Now that the spot is free, I am ready to get to work on my desk.  I picked up the supplies last night and I hope to at least get it painted this week.

Pictures to come, of course!

What are your favorite things on Pinterest right now?  Any Pinterest-inspired projects complete yet?


  1. I love the tiles!! You did a great job.

    I joined Pinterest a couple of days ago and saw great ideas. Of course my favorites at this moment are birthday parties,ha.

    Have a great week.

  2. So are you strapping your girls into the booster seats?

    We have the same issue with our high chairs, that they don't fit under the table to be the right height.

    Our girls have been sitting in regular chairs when we go out to eat (about once a week), but I'm afraid to get that started at home just yet..."containing" them in high chairs [being buckled in] I think helps keep them on task to eat AND it allows me a few minutes to not worry about what they're in to. :) But I feel like they're probably getting a little old for high chairs.

    Love the coasters! And that would be so cute to match your desk skirt to your valances, too!

  3. LOVE your coasters - look at you, all crafty!

    You're going to love my 37 things list :)

    But a technical question - how do you get the picture with the attribution to show below it from Pinterest? I tried tonight when I wrote a Pinterest post on http://OrganisingQueen and couldn't figure it out at all.

  4. Those apple sandwiches are awesome!

    I'm a total pinterest addict...it's sad.

    Oh, wait...we're actually supposed to TRY things we find on there...I keep forgetting that part!

  5. Rebecca, I don't think you actually have to use anything if you don't want to :) I see it as an organising system. LOL

    BTW, I forgot to mention, I've tried doughnut muffins, making an airplane and just yesterday I organised my muffin case stash :)

    I have specific goals for each month though...

  6. omg. i'm totally addicted. funny thing? so is B! there have been some great ideas! now i just have to DO some of them.

    i'm proud of you!


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