Friday Five

My internet at home has been down for at least four (!) days now, so I'm feeling a little blog-negligent this week.  How about five quick thoughts for Friday afternoon?  Yes?  Good....
  •  The video of Anderson Cooper losing it on his Ridiculist segment Wednesday night made me laugh until I cried.  I think he's just adorable anyway, and the giggles?  Irresistible.   Last night, he laughed at himself and shared a couple of other on-air laughing fits.  If you haven't seen it, watch it...it's an instant pick-me-up.
  • I finally made these apple sandwiches from Pinterest (after locating the very last apple corer in town, I believe)...and they are awesome.  I used dry oats instead of granola, and mine aren't nearly this pretty, but you get the idea.

  • A couple of weeks ago, someone on my facebook changed her relationship status from 'married to [x]' to 'in a relationship with [y]'...as in, she went from a (several-year) marriage with one guy to a relationship with someone else!  I just don't get it...yes, I understand that kind of thing happens all the time, but to broadcast it to facebook at large?  Really?  Some things are meant to be kept private.
  • The morning temperatures were in the lower 60s here most of this week.  The little hint of fall's arrival in the distant future got me all excited about crisp, cool temperatures, football, jeans and boots, and a crockpot full of soup.  I can't wait for fall...I even went a little crazy and wore closed-toe shoes yesterday.  (Of course, it's back to a heat index of 100 today, but it was nice while it lasted!)  Are you looking forward to fall (if you're in the northern hemisphere, that is), or are you a summer-lover who hates to put away the flip-flops and tank tops?
  • I rarely share videos, and here I am sharing two in one post, but I can't resist.  Can you tell what movie the girls have been requesting lately?  (You may have to turn the volume up to hear...I'm not sure why it was so quiet when I transferred it to the computer.)
Happy weekend!


  1. Those sandwiches look so yummy. I can feel fall slowly starting to push through and I love it. I can't wait for fall! I LOVE IT! The colors, the crisp air, and pumpkin everywhere! It also means canning the apples which I LOVE! I think I am going to splurge on the fancy peeler and corer this year!

    And even in the northern hemisphere, and further north than you, I wear flip flops all year. I hate shoes!

  2. Saw the AC piece last night, and it is the cutest thing. ;)

    But close-toe shoes??? I'm all for fall, but I keep my flops on as long as possible...at least until it frosts! :)

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

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  4. omg. i have to try those little sandwiches!! is that caramel or PB?? both could be delish! :)

    love flip flops...but love fall more. i'm also willing to have some cold toes! :)

  5. @strongblonde: It's peanut butter...but caramel is a great idea, especially for fall!


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