Public Service Announcement

You may have noticed a couple of small changes to my blog in the last few weeks.  I recently joined the BlogHer network and now have ads on the left sidebar.  If you're like me, this probably doesn't bother you one way or the other, but I did want to address the change. 

I have never run ads on the blog before, but I have had a great experience working with BlogHer so far.  The sidebar ads and the small bar at the top of the blog are the only ads you should see here...I promise not to have annoying pop-ups or anything like that! 

The other change you might see in the coming weeks is an increase in book reviews.  I am in no way getting paid to review books, but I have joined NetGalley to receive free ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to read and review.  I guarantee that anything I say about a book will be my honest opinion, whether I purchased the book or received it from the publisher.  I take my books seriously and I assume others do as well; therefore, I will tell you if I think a book is a big waste of time.  : )

I read a lot and books are expensive, so I am excited to take advantage of this opportunity to read many books for free.  If you are interested in book reviews, either on your blog or Goodreads, I encourage you to check out NetGalley.  There are tons of books of all genres just waiting to be read. 


I say all of this, I guess, to explain that I'm not becoming "commercialized", so to speak.  The book reviews are just an expansion of something I already love talking about.  And the ads?  Well, it's to put pennies into the girls' college savings account, I guess!  

Basically, I will keep talking about the same things I have always talked about--discussing day-to-day parenting stuff, keeping track of my growing girls, and venting about life in general.  I will keep talking about books, and if you're interested, I hope you'll comment and discuss.  If not, skip those posts and enjoy everything else.  


Now, how about a few pictures for a Wednesday morning?

After dinner a few weeks ago.  Do these dresses look familiar, Ashley?  A & M love them!

This is what Mackenzie did when I asked her to stand beside the flowers and say cheese.  She is saying cheese, by the way, the little smarty-pants.


Plotting their next move...


  1. I just want to squeeze them! So cute.

  2. After looking at that first pic, I thought, "Hey... I might be able to tell them apart now!" But no chance with the other pics! ha! And to answer your question, my girls have been to the movies a handful of times since their first time in April! I honestly thought they'd be horrible but they are surprisingly good! They love the big screen... and of course, the popcorn helps! Oh - and you almost have me convinced that I need to read a book! Besides baby/toddler help books, I haven't read a real book since high school! Crazy huh!

  3. Those dresses are darling! And so are the girls. :)

  4. Ah! The dresses! Adorable! My girls loved them so much we had to replace the ones they grew out of- I was just going to do a post on them!

    Such cuties you've got!

  5. I would LOVE to know your experience of B once you've been on a few months.

    My other blog (OQ) has about 1000 through feedreader besides the unique visitors and those through GR and I used to make about $70 every 6 months! I have actually just cancelled my contract (from 1 July) because it was so not worth it.

    The blog coach I hired said that was normal for my traffic when I asked why it was so little!

    And go you with the books - free books = winner! And you do read a lot.

    Now, A & M are just way too adorable!

  6. Those dresses are ADORABLE!! Oh, and the pigtails? To die for! Love it!


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