Cry Baby

Ironically, there is almost nothing that can make me smile faster than a crying baby picture.  Is that awful?  I think it's just the sweetness, the vulnerability of that moment that just gets me every time.

It's an inescapable part of the baby/toddler experience...we've all heard those whining face-melting screams that can make you want to climb into bed and smash a pillow over your head... but they're so often followed by the sweetest cuddles you've ever experienced, and that just makes it all worthwhile.

Marcia is showcasing some favorite crying baby pictures today, and I'm linking up to share some of my own.  Most are from the 6-12 month stage...that seemed to be the high point of the crying in our house, then it turned into toddler-whining, which is a different category entirely (and not nearly as endearing!).

unhappy mackenzie
Just over a month old--I decided to do a photo shoot one morning, and Mackenzie was NOT having it.

Pretty six-month girls
Evolution of a crying baby photo:  Awww, look at my sweet six-month-old girls!

Mackenzie's hand is better
Addison decides to eat her sister's hand, causing a few tears from Mackenzie...

Remove the unhappy baby, the remaining baby slowly slides over, leading to a perfect crying baby shot!

Fussy Mackenzie
One of my favorites of Mackenzie.

Drama Queen
Addison, after M likely pushed her out of the way.

sad face
Mackenzie, on the morning of her first birthday.  I remember that she was in a bad mood that morning, for some undetermined reason.  

Whiny Mackenzie
Mackenzie again, in the classic whiny toddler "pick me up, please" position.

Addison, in a much more recent picture from the fair this spring.  Wyatt blew the horn and terrified her.  Needless to say, she didn't stay on to ride...she did love the slide and the carousel by the end of the night, though.

We used to call Addison our little drama queen, but looking through these pictures, you'd have to think Mackenzie might be the one to earn that role!

Thanks for the idea, Marcia...   It was fun to look through old pictures.  I vote we do sleeping babies next; I have a ton of those pictures!


  1. aaaw, sweet! I love crying pics.

    Good idea on the sleeping baby pics - I have tons and today looking through I found one of my most precious pics of Connor and Friday :)

  2. Your pictures are great. I always felt bad when we were having our twins picture's taken and one was crying while the other smile. I just wanted that perfect picture. Through your photos I see that the pictures are perfect, tears and all. Your babies are beautiful.

  3. What sweet pictures! I really love that mushy 6-month one. :) We have several of those, when you could just prop the girls into each other. Those were the days (for getting both babies in one picture, anyway!), huh?!

    And I love the idea of sleeping baby pictures!


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