Brick Wall

As hilarious and loving as my sweet girls are, age two certainly has its moments.  There are times when I honestly feel like I would have more success talking to a brick wall than I do talking to them.  I repeat myself over and over with no results, and it's maddening. 

It has kind of reached a peak this weekend, and I am so over it.  I had to spank Mackenzie's leg in the bathtub tonight for not sitting down when I told her to, and she leaned over and laughed at me.  SHE LAUGHED IN MY FACE, y'all.  What can I even do about that?!  I had to sit back and take a few deep breaths before I could even continue the bath. 

I do feel the need to say that my children are normally very well-behaved.  We get compliments on their behavior and pleasant demeanor all the time (and I love it!).  Honestly, bath time is the most trying process for any of us.  That is the only time they consistently get into trouble and refuse to listen to me.  We have had a few "pick up that toy/cup/book" arguments, but generally, those are easily manageable and quickly resolved.

Nonetheless, I am on a mission to find this book soon and see what I can learn about this discipline stuff.  Any other suggestions?  How do you handle toddler disobedience?


  1. oh my gosh, get that book :)

    My other blog friend Claudia wrote about it the other day too - hang on...


    I take a time out regularly for me! I just tell D, I need 5 minutes. Wonder what would happen if I took 37 minutes :)

  2. I'm getting there. I am looking to get that book also! We are big on time out over here. Some times we get back to back time out. I think it gives us both the time to cool down and get settled before we talk it over.

    It's not that the girls, mine or yours, are necessarily bad. I think it's that I feel I deserve more respect. What ever happened to "because I said so"?? As for the tub problems, I solved that with the shower. They hate the shower, but I explained that it's not safe to try to climb out of the tub so they have to take a quick shower with me. Suddenly everyone is willing to sit and not climb out.

  3. I am right there with you. When you learn successful tactics let me know :)

  4. Sometimes I need to step away when I'm starting to lose my cool too. Mostly I try to relax when the boys are misbehaving and remember that I can ask them to do something, but if they don't listen, I can always put them where I told them to go or help them sit down. Hang in there.

  5. I commented here lol....wonder where it went?

  6. I posted about the book a while back...it's changed the way I think about parenting. I wish it changed the way I parented, but sad to say, anger still gets the best of me some days. That's how it goes though...thankfully, you sit back and take those 5 minutes...you regroup...you don't slam her down on her ass in the bathtub!

    1-2-3 really has changed the way I am most days...just not all of them!


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