Since we all had a day off yesterday, Kelly and Wyatt came over for an afternoon playdate.  The babies all had a great time rolling around in the floor (well, at least my two rolled; Wyatt's not quite there yet) and bouncing in the jumparoos.  I am so thankful that these three get to grow up together!

We laid all three babies out in the floor, and Kelly and I couldn't help but think of the first time they all played together in our floor:

We have come SO far since then....

Best Friends

I only got a couple of pictures of the three of them together, since two-thirds of them move pretty fast these days.  : )  Addison and Wyatt seem to gravitate toward each other the most, and he often smiles and stares at her.

Hopefully she will stop that before they are teenagers.  -so, so wrong, I know! : )-

baby smiles
Aren't they sweet??


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