Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Pictures seem to be consuming my thoughts this week.  I'm consumed with trying to get a decent picture for our Christmas cards at the moment.  We don't really have time in our schedule to go have professional pictures made, so I'm hoping to get a couple of decent ones I can edit enough to come out with some cute cards. 

Speaking of editing, have you tried Picnik?  It's a great photo-editing site, and the best part is that plenty of features can be used for free.  I don't know anything about Photoshop or any program for serious editing, and Picnik is easy enough for even me to use! 

I've also been trying to get all of our pictures copied over to DVD and somewhat organized.  Lots and lots of picture-related chores this week.  Here are a few from the beach that I've played around with on Picnik...

I love Addison's face in this one...she's probably about to let out a screech because she can't reach her toys!

I think this is Addison again, but to be honest, I'm not sure.  One more reason I need to do better about organizing/labeling pictures!

Mackenzie, being her usual happy self.

Addison finds something pretty funny...

drool face
My little drool-face (Mackenzie).

silly girls
My funny girls.  I love watching them discover one another and learn to play together!


  1. Such cuties!!!
    I really like picnik too- but I took the plunge this week and bought Adobe Photoshop. It's really cool, but not overly user friendly, so I am still using picnik until I figure out how to do everything in Photoshop! Good luck with the Christmas card picture- we are in the same boat. We even had some done professionally and we still weren't able to get a good one of all 3!! The one thing I have figured out how to use in Photoshop is Photomerge. If you have a group shot and someone isn't looking the right way in one but looks great in another one- you can merge the photos and get a great one of everyone- I am SO using that get a good Christmas card shot of all 3 together!! HA!

  2. oh they are so cute - we South Africans are not big into the Christmas card thing....and so this picture business is not a high priority.

    However I missed my maternity photo shoot because the twins came early so I decided that I'd get a photo shoot of the family when they were 4 months. Well, here we are and the photo shoot is on Saturday! I'm hoping she gets some good pics of all of us - you know what babies are like, if one looks good the other is screaming :)


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