I may have lost my mind...

I just registered (and paid MONEY) to run in the 5k Foam Fest in May.   Seriously.  My first 5k (other than the one I walked in college) will be one full of mud, water, and foam. 

Here is the description from the event website:

We are the ONLY obstacle mud race that doubles as a human car wash! We don’t just bring mud and obstacles; we throw more foam at you than a pack of toddlers in a bubble bath! Imagine the coolest obstacle mud race ever, and then picture it staged inside a giant car wash! That’s the 5k Foam Fest in a nutshell!

Am I intimidated?  Yes, quite a bit.  I am also excited!  Jeremy is doing it, and we formed a team along with four other friends.  I don't anticipate a lot of pressure to run very hard...it's mostly about having fun.  

I think we will have a blast, and then to top it off, we get a night out in Nashville.  Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

I am planning to run a real, plain-old-boring 5k this spring as well.  I have been running again for about a month now, and while it's not pretty and it's certainly not fast, it does feel good.  I am ready to keep it up this time.  



  1. That sounds awesome! I wish I lived nearby and I'd do it with you. Make sure you post pictures! :)

  2. what have you done with Deanna? :)

    Go Deanna Go!

    Rather you than me with all the mess but good for you on getting active!

  3. Could you send some of that motivation up here? Go you!!!

  4. Ooh...that sounds SO FUN!!! Good for you, Mama! :) :)

  5. you're awesome! that's who you are!!! :) way to go!


  6. Good luck!! I know you'll have so much fun and you won't stop running races after this one :)

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  8. And you talked me into it!!!!! That's the really crazy part!


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