And then they were four

Today, my sweet girls turned FOUR.  J and I were both able to arrange to be off work and spend the day with them.  The morning started with a pile of balloons in their bedroom.  Addison woke up while I was in the shower and came into the bathroom saying, "Mama, I found something in my room!  You have to come see!"

We took them to school, then returned a couple of hours later with pizza and cake for their "school birthday party".  It was so fun to watch them interact with their little friends in that environment!  They left school with us after lunch and went home to take a nap.  We spent the afternoon just hanging out, and A & M opened their gift from us (a very fancy "princess" dress).  Later, we went to my mom's for dinner...and cake, of course.  The girls were surprised again with a pinata, which they had been talking about since a party we attended last summer. 

I'd say it was a pretty good birthday for Addison & Mackenzie....and J and I certainly enjoyed it as well!  My girlies are growing so fast, but it just gets better all the time.

(On top of all that fun, J starts a new position at work tomorrow, and we couldn't be more excited about it.  We are proud of you, Jeremy!!)


  1. Happy 4th Birthday Girls! Hope you had a great day. :)

  2. Happy 4th Birthday, sweet girls.

    Deanna, they look so cute!!!! As if there's absolutely no naughtiness going on at your house so please share your tips!

    And congrats to J!!

  3. I love them so much! I'm also impressed with your French braiding skills and request you do B's hair this weekend!

    1. They love you too, Aunt Kelly! I would love to get ahold of B's hair. : )

  4. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet babies. They were the same age as mine for one whole day. ;)

    Four was seriously the best age so far for us (here's hoping five is even better). Enjoy your beautiful 4 year olds!

  5. Happy happy 4th birthday to your beautiful girls

  6. Happy 4th birthday to your girls! Sounds like a lovely day - and they are so cute!

  7. Happy Late Birthday girls. They are growing up so fast!!!!!


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