House Dreams

This weekend, on the spur of the moment, I began repainting the trim in the girls' bedroom.  We are getting new carpet in the next couple of weeks, when we will also transitioning in their new furniture, and I want everything to feel fresh and bright to go with their new room.  The trim and molding in our bedrooms are off-white, which has bothered me for awhile, so I decided to just begin tackling it. 

Jeremy and I hate painting, and we are really not very good at it.  So my motto for this project is that it's better to be done and imperfect than never started at all.  I still have to do the baseboards when we move out the furniture, but it already looks SO much better in there. 

Of course, all these projects have me energized and inspired to keep going and tackle more of our house plans.  We have a lot of big dreams about things to get done around here this year...unfortunately, we may not have the cash flow to go with it!  (The eternal problem, right?)

Some of the things on our to-do list, with varying levels of plausibility:
  • Finish painting the trim in the bedrooms and bathrooms so it will all be bright white. 
  • Paint the living room and hallway (light gray, I think).
  • Paint the girls' bathroom (maybe a yellow of some sort?).
  • Have new carpet put down in the bedrooms.  (They're being measured tomorrow!)
  • Lay hardwood in the kitchen, to match the living room and hallway.
  • Tile the two bathrooms, including our shower.  (This one will likely wait awhile...)
  • Check into getting the kitchen cabinets painted.
  • New countertops.  (Jeremy and I are both beyond ready for this, but we are deciding whether to hold out for granite or another solid surface.  If we go that route, it won't be happening this year.)  (Suggestions or opinions??)
  • Hang shelves and hooks to create a mud-room-type area in the laundry room.
  • Paint the bathroom cabinets white.
  • Begin to replace artwork, etc. in the living room.  I have wound up with a random collection of things that don't really reflect my taste, and I want to begin to fix that.  Now to figure out exactly what my taste might be...
  • Finally get a gallery wall together, to display some of the fantastic pictures that have been gathering dust for years now.
  • Hang curtains in the bedrooms.  The blinds-only look has gone on far too long. 
  • Fix our backyard to make it more functional for our purposes.  (Possibly replace the deck, but that might have to wait.)  I definitely want more seating back there.
I am sure there are more, but I think that's quite enough to keep us busy for awhile.  

Do you have any house projects going on right now?  Do you think your space accurately reflects your taste?  Can you help me figure out how to get there???


  1. I always have projects in various states of unfinishedness! For my kitchen I'm planning on cheaping out the counters. I want to paint the cabinets two different colors (top and bottom) and pair them with butcher block that has been oiled and a tile back splash. But that might be too much wood for you with wood floors.

    Have you looked into quartz or silestone tops?

    I hope your gallery wall includes some new pictures you have yet to shoot!!

  2. we're lucky in the art department since B is an artist. we have stuff from him, his dad, his colleagues, you name it. :) our walls have never been bare. BUT our kitchen, on the other hand....needs some work. it is all wacked out. the thing is that it needs to be gutted, but that is going to cost WAY too much money. so we will likely deal with it until a cabinet falls off the wall or something. ha.

    your list is ambitious. you just have to do little bits at a time. break it into small, easy tasks!

    and post pics!! :)

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