The State of Affairs: February 2013

Jeremy and I were able to have a real Valentine's date this year.  I took off work on Friday the 15th and we took the girls to spend the night with his parents.  Then we went to a matinee movie (Identity Thief--ehh, it was alright) and wandered around a fancy grocery store until it was time for our dinner reservation.  That's right, for the first time ever, Jeremy got us actual dinner reservations.  We are such grown ups now.  

We topped off our Valentine's celebration by sleeping until nearly 10:00 on Saturday morning.  It was glorious.  Then we picked up the girls and went shopping at Costco...because, you know, grown ups and all.  (Ha!)

I was able to have another night out this month when I went with a group of friends from work to a fundraiser painting class.  We had a delicious dinner together, then spent a couple of hours painting.  We were so busy that there wasn't much time for socializing, but I enjoyed being crafty without having to spread the mess out in my own house.  (And a big shout out to J for gladly keeping the girls all day and all evening that day!  Thanks, dear.)

Looks pretty good on my front door, no?

Books read:  5
Someday, Someday, Maybe--This was an ARC of Lauren Graham's debut novel.  She is a favorite actress of mine, and I'm happy to report that I loved her book.  Review coming soon!

Anna and the French Kiss--I finally read this YA staple when I caught a great deal on the Kindle version.  It pretty much lived up to the hype, and now I can't wait to read the author's next book.

This is How You Lose Her--This was a National Book Award Nominee for fiction, but I just couldn't get into it.  I am officially breaking up with short stories of any kind, unless they were written by Dorothy Parker or Kate Chopin.

Second Chance Summer--Another YA title, but this one was just okay, in my opinion.  I thought it was a little long for the story that was told.  I did like the way the illness in the book was handled, never made too melodramatic, even though it was heart-wrenching.

Divergent--YA again, but so very good.  This one earned my first five-star rating of the year on Goodreads.  If you read and enjoyed The Hunger Games, please, please read this book.

(It was a good month for books!)

Did you see the list of books?  There was no time for music this month!

I kid...I am still completely obsessed with Fun. and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I even have J listening to them, and the girls can rock the chorus of "We are Young".

Crazy hair day! A is not going to school, but still wanted to do her hair for home. : )
Crazy hair day at school (A is still in her gown because she wasn't feeling well, but had crazy hair day at home.)

Geez, this month went by so quickly.  There is not a lot to tell, truthfully, but I will take that.  It was a peaceful, happy month...what more could we ask for?  I ran a couple of times, did yoga a few times, and we continued to improve our eating habits (for the most part).  I am glad to say there has been NO DIET COKE, and I've hardly even missed it.

As of tomorrow, there will be exactly one month until A & M turn four.  Whaaat?!

Happy March!


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  2. you've done a LOT!! :)

    and love the new look btw! :)

    and i think i'm going to have to stick to YA. i totally didn't understand my book club book. we have our meeting on friday. we'll see what everyone else says!!


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