A Big-Girl Bedroom

I think it was right after the girls' birthday last year that we converted their cribs into toddler beds.  The transition was surprisingly easy, with no midnight wanderings or play sessions like I had feared.

The girls do get up occasionally, but they come straight to our bedroom and around to my side of the bed.  It is a bit unnerving to wake up to a small person staring you in the face, whispering your name...but sometimes it's awfully cute, too (like when A says she just wanted to "come say that I love you"!).  In the last couple of months, they have even started going back to bed on their own, without my having to get up--definitely a nice progression.

This year's birthday will see another transition...A & M are getting big-girl beds!  I placed the order and paid for them today, and they will be delivered as soon as we get new carpet installed.  After much thought and searching, I chose this bed:

I am really looking forward to rearranging and doing a minor redecoration of the girls' bedroom.  I am currently scouring Craigslist for an old dresser I can clean up and paint to match the beds.  I'm not sure how much room will be available with the beds and dresser, so I'm planning to possibly install some rain-gutter bookshelves along one section of wall.

I want to personalize the girls' beds in some way as well.  My idea right now is to make a fabric bunting to drape across the headboard, possibly with the girls' monograms in the middle.  And I am thinking about doing different bedding, to keep it from being too matchy-matchy.  Mackenzie loves purple and Addison favors pink, so I am sure they will request that those colors be worked in somehow.  Some bedding choices I have my eye on:

Pink for Addison

Purple for Mackenzie

A little of both...
Or maybe just white and ruffled?

I hope to have their new room all done by their birthday...in less than a month!  Any input on the bedding?  (Their room is painted a very light pink, by the way, and it's not changing right now.)  

Have you transitioned to regular beds yet?  Seen any super-cute kid bedroom ideas lately?


  1. How exciting! We just moved into big beds in October, and the girls LOVE them. We snagged a pair of antique beds from my great Aunt Gin. Beds have gotten so expensive!

    I love the ones you have chosen. Cam and Gray also favor pink and purple. I also wanted to keep much of their old 'stuff' which was pink and brown. So we went with Pottery Barn 'Brooklyn Brown'. The girls love that they can reverse the quilt or switch out the sheets to change their beds up, but they almost always want them to be alike. :)

    PS - my girls rolled out of bed a couple of times the first month or so, and it was a long drop. I think they have to do that to learn to stay in, but it was a little scary to hear such a loud thud in the night!

  2. I would steer clear from all white unless it is fabric that is bleachable!!! They only get messier as they get older! I did the monogram thing with our twins too. Then on top of the shelf they each had collections that were special to them. One collected Cinderella, the other Tinkerbell. I did the same bedding on both beds, but incorporated their favorite Disney characters into the pillows, sheets and throws. It turned out really cute.

  3. Those beds are gorgeous!!! And I love your visions for the bedding. I might shy away from white, though...I'd be afraid a grimy little hand would spoil it all too quickly. ;)

    We're FINALLY going to make the switch to big-girl beds this summer. [Yes, our girls are still in CRIBS.] ;) We've talked about it a little bit, and I'm looking forward to shopping for bedding with the girls. I remember getting to do that a few times when I was growing up, and it was always so special. :)

  4. Love the beds!! I agree about staying away from white. Ava's hands tend to touch everything and they are not always clean.

  5. love the beds. i would pick white, but Mandy's right...it has a high risk of getting dirty.

    what about a brown? i love pink and brown together. :)

    and yea for big girls!!! :)

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  7. LOVE the beds! Of course we moved to beds in March last year.

    I have neutral things (jungle animals) and then I felt sorry for Kendra so I bought similar-ish stuff but very girly and very boy :0

    I will take a pic and instagram it :) :)


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