A Zoo Day and New Friends

Last Friday, Mandy and I made good on our long-standing intentions to meet in person.  Nashville is fairly close to halfway between us, so we decided to meet up there for a fun day out with our kiddos.  Jeremy was able to come with me, but unfortunately it was him and all the ladies, since Mandy's husband had to work.  (I don't think Jeremy minded at all!)

Mandy already recapped the day, so I'll just share a few of my favorite pictures from our adventures.

Four little monkeys all in a row...
Love, love this picture of B!

Addison practiced silly faces for me while we waited outside the reptile house

I love that all the kids are looking back in this picture.  Mandy looks a bit like the Pied Piper, don't you think?

Our one quick attempt at a group shot...thanks, Jeremy!

It really was a fun day.  Mandy and her girls are every bit as sweet as they seem.  Addison & Mackenzie have talked about A & B all week, and I loved Mandy's report that her girls are repeating the "Bye, y'all!" that I taught them at lunch.  : )

It's such a surreal feeling, meeting a blog friend for the first time.  Their faces are so familiar (as were ours, I'm sure) and we know so many of one another's stories already.  All that makes it easy to skip over the initial getting-to-know-yous and just dive right in.  I can't wait to do it again!


  1. I am just smiling so big as I look through all the pictures! You got some great ones!

    And I didn't even think about Jeremy being there with so many GIRLS until just now...HA! He wore it well. :)

    And, seeing all these pictures...just makes me want to do it again!

    Big hugs to you, A, and M!!!!

  2. It's virtually indescribable meeting someone you already know! Glad you guys had a blast!

  3. I loved reading about it on her blog, and I loved seeing more here. I wish we were there too... I'm a bit jealous that you guys are 'real' friends now. :)

  4. what fun!! :) i love these pictures!!!

  5. Wow, you met Mandy! Great fun!


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