Hockey, Recommendations, Pinterest, & Parties

---We took the girls to their first hockey game last weekend.  Some sweet friends (hi, Brandi!) invited us to share their very nice box seats, located directly on the ice.  Even though M was feeling a little under the weather and was tired, we all had fun.  The best part was seeing about eight little girls (including those in the box next to ours) lined up at the glass, banging and shouting along with the crowd.  And then, ten minutes later, they were squealing over princess figurines.  Girls are so funny.  Addison's favorite part of the game?  The popcorn and the fighting, of course.

Girls' first hockey game!

---I am not usually a huge fan of special beauty or hair products.  I am pretty happy with my CoverGirl and Maybelline makeup; I don't get too fancy.  I must say, though, that this Organix Moroccan Smooth Perfection Cream has changed my life.  Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but it has definitely improved my hair.  The cream instantly makes my hair much, much smoother, but not at all heavy or oily.  Recommend!

---While I am recommending, I will just go ahead and sing the praises of my current favorite clothing site.  I ordered from Shade when they first opened last year, but it took me awhile to start wearing that dress because it was a little too long (until I shrunk it just a bit in the dryer and and figured out it would work with boots).  Once I did start wearing it, I realized it was a quality item of clothing and it has become one of my favorite pieces this winter.  I recently ordered again, from their clearance sale, reasoning that since they have free shipping and free returns, it was worth a try.  Much to my surprise, everything fit and I am not planning to return anything.  I was so happy with my new clothes that I placed another order this week.  Again, I recommend.

(By the way, I am getting absolutely nothing for those recommendations...just sharing some recent favorites!  I hate that I have to clarify that.)


---I go through phases with Pinterest, and lately I have been using it more often than I have in awhile.  Nearly every time I am on there, though, I get frustrated.  I get so tired of seeing an interesting pin, only to click on it and find that it only goes to a picture, or to a link that isn't any good.  It happens way too often.  My absolute biggest frustration is with sourcing.  I know this has been debated all over the internet, but I have seen a big increase in what I consider unethical Pinterest tactics over the last few months.  For example, it drives me absolutely crazy to click on a pin that goes back to a blog post where the blogger raves about this great recipe that she found on so-and-so's site, then goes on to repost that recipe using their own pictures.  So basically, the blogger is using Pinterest to drive traffic to their own blog, using a recipe (or tutorial, etc.) that they took from another blogger.  Of course the blogger usually says the recipe is "adapted" from the original recipe, but most often, it's not "adapted" at all (at least in my experience--if it is, that's makes the situation a little different).  Does that make any sense at all?  Because I feel like I am mostly just rambling.  Pin with Integrity...that's pretty much what I'm saying.  Give credit where credit is due and pin the original, not the copycat looking for blog traffic.

(I am also working on accepting that Pinterest has become just another social media outlet and another tool for self-promotion, but I still have issues with the ethics of it all.  Obviously.)

---Party planning is about to get into full swing around here.  The girls' birthday is just a few weeks away, and they are full of ideas.  The most adamant request has been to do something at their school.  I haven't figured out exactly what yet, but we will take in a treat to share with their class.  A & M have also requested a princess party.  As a change from past years' celebrations, I am planning to have a very small party here at home, where I will let the girls get all dressed up in their finest princess attire.  We will have cupcakes and snacks with family and just a few friends.  (Naturally, the small party won't keep me from obsessing over all the cute little details...I'm headed to Hobby Lobby this weekend!)

Happy almost-Friday!


  1. I want some of that hair stuff :)

    ooh on the pinterest. So I don't think it's THAT blogger pinning their own stuff but everyone has a following (well except me on the other blog) and that blogger's people pin the stuff. I just don't think it's that intentional.

    But yes, I do get frustrated when I click and can't find the stuff. that annoys me.

    I'm still in the dark ages because I use Pinterest as a virtual flip file :)

  2. how fun!! :) that's gotta be the best way to watch hockey, right?? :)

    i don't get tht hair stuff. people are all talking about it. but who wants smooth straight hair? :) maybe i don't b/c that is what i had forever?

    my second book club is tonight!! wish me luck!

  3. Gosh, your girls are so cute and totally adorable!

    I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, but I do think it is totally acceptable to pin your own stuff


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