Monday Evening Musings

A jumble of thoughts from the weekend...
  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we had another pretty great weekend.  While the weather was not as beautiful as last weekend, it was fairly nice for February, and we made the most of it.  Jeremy's work schedule changed this week, so for the first time in several years, he was home with us on Friday night.  The new schedule will be great because we won't have to wait on him to sleep in on Saturday mornings (to catch up from working until 1 a.m. the night before). 
  • We went to breakfast Saturday morning, the stopped in to browse at a local furniture store (new living room furniture coming soon--hooray!).  We kept asking the girls if they liked this couch or that one, etc.  I guess it was sinking in, because as I was buckling Mackenzie in her carseat, she started signing "more" and saying, "more couches, more couches!".  I promised her we could come back to look again soon.
  • The girls fell asleep on the way home from Sunday lunch, as usual.  Mackenzie, however, kept waking up when Jeremy tried to put her in bed, so she came to bed with me.  (I hadn't slept well Saturday night, so I was desparate for a good afternoon nap!)  She laid quietly for awhile, then started humming and talking to herself.  She tried sticking her finger up my nose, then when she realized I was trying to sleep, she kept putting her finger up and saying "shhhhh".  She ended up in the living room with her daddy after that!  (Wise choice...she never did go back to sleep.)
  • Despite Mackenzie's 15 minute nap, both girls were in a great mood in the afternoon and thanks to nice weather, we were able to get a bit more outside playtime.  My cousin Lindsey brought her dogs over to visit, and Addison & Mackenzie had a blast playing in the yard with them. 
  • Watching my girls run and laugh in beautiful sunshine restores my soul like nothing else can.  I vow right now to enjoy every second of spring weather we might be lucky enough to have. 
  • We caught up with 21st-century technology last week when we broke down and got a DVR.  Now, I realize this is by no means a necessity and probably doesn't fit with my theme of simplifying this year.  I must say, though, we are LOVING it.  Totally worth the small extra fee we are paying for it.  And in all actuality, if simplifying means cutting down to only the things you really love, tv definitely stays on my list.  : ) 
  • I have been feeling the urge to get back to some of my languishing craft projects lately.  I completed Valentine's shirts for Addison & Mackenzie last night, and I am pretty proud of the finished product, especially considering the entire project only took about an hour.  Several people asked about these shirts when I mentioned them awhile back, so this time I took step-by-step pictures.  I plan to post a tutorial tomorrow, so be sure to check back and learn how to make your own. 
How was your weekend?  Are you as glad as I am that Monday is over??


  1. Hey, look at you - getting your craft on :)

    And you've changed your blog again! PRETTY!!!!

    Can we have a tutorial on that too? (I'm not joking)

  2. You are hysterical about the DVR!!! How have you made it this long without one???

    I think it's so funny when kids are "sleeping" with you and just annoy the crap out of you. Don't they know how special that time is???


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