Sunday Senses

Hey, look...I'm online on the weekend.  It's been awhile since that has happened!  Finally joining Rebecca for some Sunday Senses...

Sight:  A messy, messy living room.  It has been a long, rough week, and it will likely look this way through most of this week too.  Just keeping it honest.  : )

Sound:  Jeremy playing an MLB game on PlayStation and talking about going to a Braves game this year.  Spring training starts this week...baseball season is almost here!

Touch:  My big comfy armchair and one of the girls' cute little pillows tucked under my arm.

Taste:  Sunflower seeds and Diet Dr. Pepper...my usual way to end the night.

Smell:  Um, that would be nothing, since my nose is so stuffy.  I have been sick since yesterday afternoon, but I'm hoping we all sleep a little more soundly tonight than we did last night.

Today was another beautiful, spring-like day and I spent most of it under the covers in bed.  Thanks to my sweet husband and awesome family, the girls were well cared for and got to spend some time outside enjoying the weather.  It's supposed to be nice here pretty much all week, and I must say, I am looking forward to ditching the socks and sweaters.  I might even be in the mood to do a little spring clothes shopping.

So, how was your weekend?  Be sure to check out Rebecca's blog for more Sunday Senses!

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  1. Oh, I hope you feel better really soon! That's sucks (especially when the good weather comes along). Thanks for playing and making me crave sunflower seeds! YUM!!!


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