I like to say that my next birthday (in June) will be my first 29th birthday, but in actuality, I don't think about my age much at all.  I don't mind the looming prospect of 30; it's just hard to imagine that I will really be there in just about 15 months.  Most of the time, I don't feel old at all.  Truth be told, sometimes I feel like a teenager playing house...when did I get old enough to have a mortgage, life insurance, and children??

In the last week, though, I have come to realize that I may not be as young and up-to-date as I feel.

I have never claimed to be trendy or stylish when it comes to fashion.  I usually stick to fairly reserved clothes that are comfortable and make me feel good about myself.  I realize that I have become much more conservative in my attire as I have gotten older (and gained several pounds)...I cringe a bit when I think about those short shorts and tight shirts I used to pull off, and I am also envious of that body that could get away with it!

Jeremy and I went out for a real, grown-up date Friday night, and after watching the hipster crowd milling around the theater, I came to a few conclusions:

--My standard, beloved bootcut jeans from Gap now make me look old and dated.  Every cute, semi-fashionable female I saw had on skinny jeans or leggings.

--While I love a good pair of leggings with a casual dress or tunic, even a tiny 80-lb. teenager should not wear leggings (or jeggings, for that matter) with a shirt that does not cover her butt.  Believe it or not, some things actually should be left to the imagination.  Even worse, the girl I saw committing this offense was with her parents...I feel strongly that our girls will not be let out of the house in such attire.  (Now that I think about, I have to wonder if she was wearing jeggings or if her jeans were just that tight?  I'm guessing that may be the case, actually.)  (Either way, ewww...)

--Apparently, long hair with a deep side-part is very fashionable here right now.  I must look positively middle-aged with my short, relatively conservative and boring hair.

--I already knew this, but it was reinforced that by not having an iPhone, Droid, or other smartphone, I am SO 2008.  Seriously, there were PRE-TEENS checking Facebook on their phones while waiting for the movie.  Can't anyone just have a face-to-face conversation anymore?  Are you missing breaking news by being disconnected from FB for two hours?

(Never mind what I said at the beginning of this post.  I just re-read it and it has become glaringly obvious that I AM old and boring.  At least we are all clear on that now!)

Despite being a pair of old, stick-in-the-mud, parents, Jeremy and I did have a very nice evening out.  We had a relaxed, leisurely dinner, then saw Just Go With It, which was funny enough that it wasn't a waste of money.  All that and we were still home by 11:00, with plenty of time to get our full 8 hours of sleep in preparation for a big Costco excursion on Saturday.  Who says we don't know how to party??


  1. Oh I am soo with you! I totally have the mom look down and skinny jeans are THE MOST RIDICULOUS thing ever! They can't be comfortable and I am horribly curious how all those teen BOYS wear them! Again-uncomfortable!

    So what if our hair isn't trendy and we like a little breathing room in our clothes?! They'll be with us soon enough! :)

    I do admit that I love my phone and I do check FB and e-mail regularly from it. I am even upgrading to the iphone soon, my last vestige of being cool!

  2. I can't figure out the skinny jeans thing...pair that with "apparently thick calves" and I can't get boots that would go over my leggings either. Pair THAT with the fact that I am way too lazy to find a shirt that would cover my ass in leggings, and I'm screwed.

  3. I personally feel there are about 5 % of the population who can wear skinny jeans, none of those normal-sized women.

    Also, I'm not at all interested in being fashionable, but I am interested in feeling good about how I look (even in unfashionable clothes). And I love bootcut.

    Hey, I don't have a smartphone too. Now here's the thing - just last night I write out a list of posts to write for the organising blog - one of them is 3 reasons why I don't do facebook on my phone :)

  4. hahahahah. i can't bring myself to the skinny jeans. i've always had muscular legs and i think i would look like a joke wearing them. i will always wear boot cut regardless of how old i look, lol.


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