Almost Two

As Addison and Mackenzie near their second birthday, I can't help but think about those trying times often referred to as the terrible twos.  Now, from many mothers ahead of me in this parenting game, I am hearing that age three can be even worse, but let's cross that bridge when we get there, shall we?

My sister was a very strong-willed (okay, stubborn) child.  She still is, but it has become a much more flattering trait as she has matured into a convicted and determined young lady.  Being six years older, I can remember much of her toddler stages.  I remember many of the tantrums, the sassiness, and seeing my mom have her patience tried day after day.  My family used to say that Laura hit the terrible twos at a year old and didn't outgrow them until kindergarten.  (We joke, of course...my sister may have been a handful, but she was never what you might call a problem child.  Our issues as children were very mild compared to what many families experience.  We still tease Laura about things she did as a child, but she knows we love her beyond measure.)

I have found myself wondering more and more what these upcoming stages might hold for my own girls. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn't at least a bit fearful of the tantrums, attitude, and drama that might be awaiting us in the next couple of years.  My children come from two admittedly strong-willed parents and have already made it quite clear that they will have their own opinions about every detail of life...which they should.  I am quite glad to be raising tiny girls with big personalities who are clear about what they want in this world. 

I might just need to remind myself of this fact when we are in the middle of a face-melting tantrum over which room we will play in for the next thirty minutes.  (Example from yesterday afternoon:  one child wants to slide in the playroom while the other wants to cook in the living room.  They both want me in the room at all times.  Clearly, one child will be disappointed in this scenario.  Wailing ensues.)

For now, I am enjoying the stage my girls are in...talking more and more without knowing how to talk back to me yet, learning new things without causing too much mischief, and still able to be deterred by a coloring project or blowing bubbles.  I have this lingering feeling that things could change any day!

Have you dealt with the terrible twos yet?  Do you fear them like I do?


  1. Enjoy it while you can...I was waiting for it too, hoping it had passed the Crazies by, but it hasn't. I have had friends tell me that 2.5 - 3.5 is the worst and I'm pretty sure they're right. Matt has been downright outrageous lately (screaming, practicing his eye rolls, not looking at me, kicking, drooling, spitting) while Hailey has been more of a nudge...doing things that seem cute, but are actually obnoxious. Oh, and they get smarter too...that always sucks (for us)!

  2. Well we're three days in and so far so good! Haha! :)

    Really, my girls get along better now than ever, so hopefully that will continue for another 16 years!

  3. I love how you spoke about your sister...

    My sister was a very strong-willed (okay, stubborn) child. She still is, but it has become a much more flattering trait as she has matured into a convicted and determined young lady.

    That sounds exactly like me.

    Our kids started the terrible twos at 13 months.

    Yes, I am scared of the real TTs....mainly because the screaming would drive me to drink, if I drank :)

    Just a note on our tantrums...I found it's much worse when they're tired or hungry, so try to not force MY will around those times and just practise distraction :)


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