Welcome to this World

A week ago today, we welcomed the newest little member of our extended 'family'. 


Brenna Faith belongs to my best friend Kelly, who is also the mom of Wyatt, Addison and Mackenzie's best friend... the three amigos who are occasionally mistaken for triplets.  Wyatt has had a lot of practice dealing with my feisty girls, so I am sure he will deal with his new sister just fine!


It's hard to believe that it wasn't that long ago that our babies looked like this:

Best Friends

And now, one of them is a proud big brother!

Big Brother

I am really excited about having a tiny, sweet newborn around again.  This time, I am not walking around in my own newborn-induced haze, so I can enjoy holding my friend's little-bitty, cuddly baby...and then happily send it home with her.  Ha! 

Looking at the perfect little 6 lb., 11 oz. bundle that Brenna is makes me stop and think about how quickly time really does pass.  She seems so tiny and fragile, and yet, just 18 months ago my girls were smaller than that.  Now they are walking, talking, opinion-expressing little girls.  Crazy.

The title of my post comes from a song by Renee & Jeremy (they make kids' music that I actually want to listen to...yes, really!) that always makes me a bit emotional about little ones growing up so quickly. 

Welcome to this world,
Whether you're ready or not;
Welcome to this world,
Come give it all that you've got;
Welcome to this world,
Before you know it you'll be,
Singing right back to me,
Welcome to this world.

Welcome to this world, Brenna!  We love you already!

 Ellis family

So, what about it, moms?  Got any tips for Kelly on managing life with a newborn and a 16-month old?  I sympathize, because I think some things about it will be harder than having multiples.  Of course, I can say that now that I am 18 months out from that emotional wreck of a woman who was up every other hour with one baby or the other.  (And, um, thank God for that!)  What do you think?  Would you prefer two at once or a toddler and a baby?


  1. As a mom who has two toddlers (well, preschoolers- but what is the difference, really?) and a baby. Somedays it will feel like you got punched in the face, or kicked by a donkey. Schedules get all out of whack, and all you can do is roll with it and hope for the best. Try and get time to enjoy them separately and alone. I take mine on dates. Even the baby. It's nice to have special time just for them.

    ... and grow two extra arms. You will need them...

  2. Oh welcome little buddy so cute !!!!

  3. She's adorable! Definately welcome to this world!

    And big brother is such a cutie pie! I just want to cuddle him up!

  4. My friend, Nat, will be having number 2 when D is 18 months :)

    Rather her than me!

    Although they are VERY sweet when so small :)


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