A Fall Milestone

Pumpkin Patch

We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch last fall.  Addison and Mackenzie were just six months old, and though life was getting much easier, it was still a pretty major ordeal to get out and about for very long at a time.  There are three nice pumpkin patches around us, but they are all 30-45 minutes away, so it just seemed too overwhelming last year.  Priorities were a lot different a year ago, for sure.

So, yes, the girls missed out on the pumpkin patch for their first fall/Halloween season.  (Sorry about that, kiddos!)  Hey, at least we had a pumpkin last year.  At least, I think we did.  It's still kind of a blur.


Anyway, I was not completely sure we were going to make it this year either, but since we had a free weekend this week, I decided it was a good time to go.  (Jeremy did not exactly agree, since we left home around the time the Auburn/LSU game started, but he was a good sport about missing the game.)  So on Saturday afternoon, we headed out for the girls' first trip to the pumpkin patch.


Can I just take a minute and say how awesome this age is??  It was so much fun to watch Addison and Mackenzie take in all the sights at the farm.  At first, it was like they almost couldn't believe their eyes...they would literally take off running toward whatever caught their eye.  It was just the coolest thing ever. 

They had a blast playing in the corn bins, driving the tractor, petting kittens, and watching the cows.  The donkey?  Not so much.  We were standing in front of the young donkey when one of the nearby calves let out a little moo for some of the kids on that end of the barn.  Well, that little donkey threw her head back and let out the biggest series of hee-haws you've ever heard from such a cute little animal.  Addison was absolutely FROZEN, with her tiny lower lip stuck out in a pitiful, quivering pout.  She was about to burst into tears and all Jeremy and I could do was laugh.  My poor Addison!  She stayed in her daddy's arms for awhile after that. 


I don't have any pictures of it, but Mackenzie's favorite activity was a huge combine (that's a piece of farm equipment for you city folks!) that had been turned into a slide.  It was a big slide, and apparently pretty steep, because my girls came flying down it.  I barely had time to catch Mackenzie before she hit the ground, and I just knew they would be scared and not want to do it again.  Wrong!  Mackenzie's feet had hardly touched the ground before she was taking off to the stairs again.  HOW did my girls get so big and fearless?!  I was so, so proud of them this weekend.


The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, except for Mackenzie's tumble in the driveway Saturday morning.  Did you notice her nose in the pictures?  Yeah, it looks worse now...all scabbed over and dark red.  She was pushing a truck and fell face-first onto the concrete.  It looks bad, but she hardly cried at all.  I have some tough girls...I'm thinking they might be little tomboys.

Sunday, we had a wonderful southern Sunday dinner buffet (baked chicken, catfish, mashed potatoes, turnip greens, peas, corn on the cob, and the best friend okra EVER.  Oh, and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  Yum...  Even the girls must have been full after that, because they let mama and daddy take a full two-hour nap!  As in, we woke up before they did.  SO nice.

How was YOUR weekend? 


  1. What a great time! The girls are adorable and getting so big. I feel like a horrible mother as I have yet to get my children to the pumpkin patch.

    Let me know the next time you're having one of those yummy Southern dinners...I will make it a point to drive there...YUM! :-)

  2. Yea! What a great time! Our pumpking patch has one of those slides too, crazy huh?
    Don't feel bad about the first year, lol. We didn't go either. Mine were 7 months old and I still had no desire! To much work for something they just wouldn't care to much about. :)

  3. We had a very similar donkey experience...hahaha!!! And what a cool corn bin! Our pumpkin patch doesn't have anything like that, but it looks super fun.

    Glad you all had a great time on Saturday, and that Sunday dinner sounds delish! There's nothing better than some fried okra!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, especially that dinner! I am drooling!

    I wish the girls had been more into the pumpkin patch, I wish DH had been more into the pumpkin patch! I think if I had had a partner with me who was willing to play with the girls and go to all of the exhibits we would have had a blast! Kudos to Jeremy for not being a poor sport over the game like mine!

  5. What a difference a year makes, right??? It's amazing to see how fearless they are and how much stress your heart can actually handle when they're flying down a slide! It's awesome to watch them!

  6. I also want to come over for the Southern dinner!

    BEAUTIFUL pic of your family - you have real little girls :) They are adorable!!!

    What's this business with the pumpkin pics? Is it an American thing? :)

  7. i know! we barely made it out of the house last year at this time. in fact, we didn't even do halloween costumes. i didn't realize it was halloween until the DAY.

    btw: that is the most corn i have seen in my life!!

    looks like you guys had a blast!

  8. So glad it was a great day.

  9. Your girls are so cute and they are getting so big!!


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