New Kid on the Block

Yep, it's true...there's a new kid in town! My best friend gave birth to this little cutie, Wyatt, on June 10th.

Isn't he sweet? Kelly and I have been best friends for years, at times feeling more like sisters than friends. We have always done pretty much everything together, so it's no surprise our babies are so close in age. (Actually, she was due only 5 weeks after me, but since the girls were 5 weeks early, they are 10 weeks apart.)

Fun fact: Kelly and I were born two days apart, and were almost switched at birth! They took me to her mother when it was time to feed. Luckily, she realized it and the problem was corrected...we think. Just kidding! We both look a lot like our moms, so there's no doubt we made it back to the right place.

I teased Kelly that Wyatt would probably be almost the same size as Addison when he was born. She was just over a pound heavier, so not too far off considering she is 10 weeks older! : ) Here they are hanging out together for the first time:

Addison is ready to make friends, but Wyatt is not so sure!

Welcome to the world, Wyatt! We love you already and can't wait to watch you grow!

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