I took most of last week 'off' from technology, and I feel a bit like I am returning from a trip to a foreign country and am trying to get reacquainted with my old familiar territory.  Does that make sense?  If not, just ignore me.  : )  Anyway, I'm glad to be back, and I am slowly catching up on all my favorite blogs. 

Jeremy had his work trip to Memphis last week, and I tagged along for the first part of the week.  It was a nice and much-needed break.  I had the opportunity to sleep in as late as I wanted, which has only happened about twice in the last eighteen months.  I found that I still woke up around 7:30 or so, but the really nice part was being able to just stay in the bed and be lazy all morning.  I lounged around watching tv and reading for awhile, catching up on the morning news, before finally dragging myself out of bed to enjoy a nice, long shower. 

I had lunch delivered on Tuesday and just spent the day hanging around the hotel, reading and people-watching.  It was nice to just spend the day enjoying the quiet and doing what I wanted to do.  Jeremy and I got to have a couple of peaceful dinners together...without rushing through the meal or holding a toddler in our laps.  Although I have learned how to shove my food in quickly when I have to, I really love to take my time over a good meal.  It was fun to remember what it was like when Jeremy was the only one rushing me to hurry up and finish!  We talked and ate and walked around downtown and Beale St., remembering what it was like to appreciate each other's company. 

D & J




After a few relaxing days away and a long drive home, it was great to see these two little faces! 

Messy girls

I left on Monday morning and didn't get back until after they went to bed Wednesday night.  We all three ended up on the couch after they woke up way too early on Thursday morning, so they were a bit confused and didn't really register that I was back after being gone for a couple of nights.  Addison was pretty clingy though, and she cried just a little when I dropped them off at school, which hasn't happened in awhile.  When I picked them up from school, they both started pointing and giggling when they saw me.  They ran to the door and put their little arms up for hugs.  It was awesome.  A few days away are made even better when you get a homecoming like that!


  1. I was wondering when your Memphis trip was...I'm so glad you had such a fantastic time! I'm sure it feels great to recharge...and to come home to those two sweet faces. :) :)

  2. SOunds fantastic!

    And I love the pic of the two of you :)

  3. i can't remember what it's like not to rush through eating, lol.

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. So glad you had a great time!!!

  5. I am a strong believer in taking no kid trips for a stronger marriage. Its nice to just relax! Glad you had fun.

  6. Glad you two were able to get away for a little mini vacay!! I truly believe this is a must for parents. Makes you feel refreshed.


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