Recently, my best friend Kelly and her new baby Wyatt joined Jeremy, the girls, and me for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Since Kelly's husband was working, I guess it looked like all three babies belonged together, rather than two couples out with our little ones. We were asked several times if they were triplets. After the first few, Jeremy started saying yes! I guess Wyatt is the runt of the group (but not for much longer!)....

As we were leaving, Kelly said, "We will probably have to listen to this their whole lives, huh?" I'm pretty sure that won't be the last time these three buddies are mistaken for triplets, particularly as they grow and you can't tell any age difference at all between them. Kelly and I have spent many years being asked if we were sisters or even twins on occasion (we do favor quite a bit), so I guess our children are inheriting that aspect of friendship already.

Addison was the only one awake during our trip. She says, "Sure, I'll take a brother! As long as he doesn't have to squeeze in our crib too..."

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Too cute! Yes, they all look like triplets. We were at a local Cracker Barrel and Oh how I wished was the same one. My girls think all babies come in 2's, 3's, etc so they would have loved it.


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