You lost me at the couch

You had me at 'hello'...

You complete me...

Show me the MONEY!

Quick...name that movie!

Back in high school, Jerry Maguire was my go-to romantic movie.  I remember many a nights on the couch, thinking about what it might be like to have a guy like that one day.  My friend E and I watched it over and over, quoting lines in conversation, and dreaming of finding that guy who would look at us and say, "You complete me". 

Then Tom Cruise jumped on a couch and ruined it all.  I just couldn't get the same enjoyment out of the movie after I realized the star was a quack. 

In retrospect, it's a little hard to figure out why I thought this movie was so romantic anyway...other than the quotable lines, I mean.  Dorothy (Renee Zellweger...LOVE her!) loves Jerry Maguire for some reason we really don't see...she hardly knows him.  He willingly accepts her help and company with his new business venture, but doesn't really seem to reciprocate her feelings.  He marries her to stop her from leaving, but it still doesn't feel like he's totally in the relationship.  In fact, watching it a few years after high school, Jerry Maguire seemed like a bit of jerk... I must have missed that the first time around.  It's not until he thinks he is losing Dorothy (and that CUTE kid) that he pulls out all the stops and finally seems to actually want a relationship.  That's where those cute cheesey lines come in.

Here it is fourteen or so years after that movie came out, and thank goodness I can honestly say that I found a guy much better than that arrogant Jerry Maguire!  He may not be the most romantic soul on earth...we don't recite poetry or make dramatic confessions of our undying love.  But really, who needs that anyway?? 

(Although I do believe there may be a long-lost love note from our college years containing the phrase "You complete me"...and no, it wasn't from me!  I'm sure Jeremy would deny it now.  He's way too cool for all that cheesey stuff.)  ; )


  1. What a difference a few years can make huh? ;)

  2. These walks down memory lane have to stop! I'm starting to feel old!! 14 years that's been out? No way!

    Tom Cruise=Uber Quack!

    How long did it take the girl to adjust not sleeping in a crib at school?

  3. It is so funny you posted this. My husband and I were just chatting about this movie the other day. Jerry McGuire has special meaning to us.

    It was the movie that we *tried* to watch several times when we first started dating, but could never see the whole thing because we would end up making out. LOL We still joke to this day that we've never seen the whole thing from start to finish :-)

  4. See, I have to disagree. Despite the fact that he's a bit...shall we say 'odd,' by heart still beats faster when I see his crooked grin on screen.
    But I had completely forgotten about that "You had me at hello..."...sigh...yeah. those days of hoping for a man like that are done. With mine I'd settle for a "You look cute in your sweatpants."

  5. All we quote back at one another is "show me the money" but yes, since he's turned into a wacko, I can't take him seriously. Although he does have a BEAUTIFUL home in Colorado, I think it is. Drool

    D and I first went to see...Mississippi Masala... as friends. When the evening ended we were dating :) And that was 18 years ago!


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