MDO Update

I think they look particularly different from one another in this picture...what do you think?
FYI:  Addison is on the left; Mackenzie on the right.

These big girls are doing GREAT at Mother's Day Out.  During the second week, they still cried at drop-off, but my mom would listen outside the door and assured me that they stopped very quickly.  They started eating a better lunch and taking longer naps after just a few days.  By the second week, both girls were napping on their mats (HOW do they get five one-year-olds to just lay down in the floor and nap??) for about and hour and a half each day.  One day, Addison fell asleep before lunch and slept until it was almost time to go! 

They are so proud to carry their little lunchboxes to and from school each day.  They brought home little coloring sheets one day...which immediately went on the refrigerator, of course.  When we talk about "school" at night, you can really tell they are listening, especially when I mention their classmates' names.  I just love that my girls are already making little friends that will probably be in their classes all through school.

checking it out

The big news this week is that there was NO CRYING yesterday or today when my mom dropped them off.  I am SO proud of my little-bitty girls!  They also didn't cry in the nursery on Sunday, so I'm hoping we are rounding a corner on the separation anxiety...

We have been hanging out at the softball fields a good bit in the past couple of weeks, and I have noticed a particular change in Addison.  She will gladly play with the girls from our church and other people she is familiar with.  While Mackenzie will play, she also looks up for me and grabs my hand every few minutes.  Addison is getting much more comfortable playing with other people, and I'm taking that as a good sign.




  1. They look EXACTLY alike to me! It will still be confusing to everyone because even when my sister and I didn't look exactly alike, everybody had trouble remembering which name went with which face! It's a never ending who's-who battle! (But I wouldn't have changed being a twin for the world!) They look like such big girls since they've started "school!" I can't imagine that mine would handle it as well as M&A!

  2. I'm so glad the transition is going well!

  3. I'm so glad that they are having a great time at MDO. They are so cute!!!

  4. I hate to tell you, but they look exactly the same.
    Of course, people tell me this about my girls- and I think they must be nearly blind.

  5. Glad MDO is going well. I can't wait to get to that stage!

    As for the picture, it's the eyes! The eyes are different! I think it's probably shadowing or something but the eyes look different in the picture! I constantly scan the girls faces to see if they have started to look alike! Such a loser, they are totally fraternal!

  6. I can't tell them apart. They are so cute. I am glad they are loving MDO. I am anxious for Ava to start a preschool. I was thinking the same thing...how do they get one year olds to just lay down and nap??? I want to know their secret. LOL


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