Lady Luck

I am starting to think Jeremy and I need to make a trip over the Mississippi line to the casinos in Tunica while we are in Memphis next month... I have won prizes in THREE online giveaways in the past week!  I won the new Tinkerbell movie from the Multiples and More blog party, then I won a necklace from Lani's giveaways.  In addition to those, I won a free photography session from a college friend who has started her own business.  (I am ridiculously excited about letting the girls watch Tinkerbell, by the way.  Every time it comes on, they point to the tv and grin.)

If only my girls weren't suffering from their first ear infections, I might say this was my luckiest week ever.  The poor things had runny noses over the weekend, then have had a couple of rough days this week.  Yesterday, Mackenzie had a fever and just really was not herself at all, so we went to the doctor.  She has infection in both ears, and Addison has it in one.  They got a prescription for antibiotics and numbing drops, and after a battle with the pharmacy and the insurance company, we headed home for a night of suprisingly good rest for all of us.  (WHY is it so hard to understand that yes, my two children have the same birthdate...it's called TWINS, people!)  After spending the previous two nights holding Addison all night long, sleep was much needed.  Addison was well enough to go to school today, but Mackenzie stayed home to rest another day.  Addison was excited to get to school and gave her teacher "love", while Mackenzie was mad that she had to stay home.  Jeremy reported that she was carrying her lunchbox around the house this morning.  It makes me so happy that they love their school...even if it did lead to their first ear infections.  Seventeen and a half months without one was pretty good, I think.

In other kid news, Mackenzie has begun telling us when she is using the bathroom.  We have been teaching her to say "pee-pee" and "poo-poo" (yes, because it's funny...I never said we were mature), and she is catching on to the concept.  Twice on Sunday, she came over and said "poo-poo" just before filling her diaper.  Now, if we can get that warning to come more than five seconds before she starts doing the deed, we might be ready to talk about the potty.  Which, oh Lord, I really don't even want to think about right now.  Addison doesn't say the words, but she has definitely started letting us know also.  She will grab at her diaper and start toward her bedroom when she's wet.  I am in no rush to potty-train AT ALL, but I do find it encouraging that they are picking up on the concept and showing a little interest.  Has anyone had any luck with early training?  Actually, I would prefer an easy potty-training experience over an early one, hands down.

Oh, and hey!  Now that y'all guessed Jeremy and I are going to Memphis in a couple of weeks, I need restaurant recommendations.  I have the Rendevous on my list, but what else do I need to check out while I'm there?  After all, food is the most important part of any vacation, at least in my book.  I've seen Memphis barbecue mentioned on the Food Network, so we will probably find at least one restaurant along those lines.  Other than that, I'm pretty clueless about Memphis.  I have only been to there once before, despite having an aunt who lived in a nearby suburb, and all I remember is the pyramid and the zoo.  Help me out!


  1. Congrats!!

    Wish they feel better soon. One of my girls is having some fever since Monday, so tomorrow for the Dr.

  2. Thats great that the girls are both telling you when they "go". Ava gives me a look when she is and I know. I bought her a potty but we have yet to use it.


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