Tired babyHard day

....and that pretty much sums up our week so far.

The combination of school, one nap a day, and the occasional later bedtime is kicking our butts, big time.  Several nights in the past week one of the girls has fallen asleep in my lap while having their pre-bedtime milk... which has virtually never happened before.  And, well, you see how they look on other afternoons.

Just when I was starting to enjoy the flexibility that came with a slightly later bedtime, it looks like they might need to go to bed earlier again, at least on school nights.  It just goes to show that you can't count on any regularity for too long with toddlers, I guess.  I have loosened up a little on activities and such that keep us out past the old 7:00 bedtime.  Our church played in a softball league this summer, and the girls and I went to several games.  They had a blast running around and watching all the people, and some nights we were able to stay out until after 8:00.  I wouldn't have believed it before, but guess what?  We all survived just fine!

Along with staying up later, A & M are sleeping a little later in the mornings fairly often.  Which is great, especially on Saturdays.  The only thing is that it has sort of thrown our morning routine a little out of sorts.  The girls used to get up and go into the playroom to hang out while I took a shower and got ready for work.  Well....it hasn't exactly been working that way lately.  They have gotten a LOT more clingy in the mornings, and Mackenzie especially wants me to hold her (nearly impossible to do while applying makeup).  After several tearful and whiny mornings last week, I broke down and put a tv in our bedroom, hoping they would sit and watch Mickey Mouse while I got ready in our bathroom where they can see me.  It has helped a little (I couldn't hear the screaming over the hair dryer this morning, which is an improvement), and I'm hoping they will settle into a good routine again soon.  Jeremy is great about getting up to help me, but I know it's hard on him since he doesn't get home from work until 2:00 a.m.

Any ideas?  How do you manage to get ready (or get anything done?) in the mornings? 

Whew, can I complain about anything else in this post?  If you're still reading, I'm sorry for the lack of interesting reading today.  : )  We actually had a pretty great long weekend for Labor Day, with busy days to keep our busy girls happy.  I've had kind of a topsy-turvy week at work, but I'm getting sorted out, so maybe I'll be back on my game soon.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. When my twins were about that age, I would let them have special "tub time" while I showered at did my makeup- etc. I tossed a few toys and the kids in a dry tub- they thought it was hilarious! And I got to keep a close eye on them while still getting stuff done. It's worth a try!

  2. Love Crafty Ashley's idea :)

    But I love this sentence more - classic!

    I couldn't hear the screaming over the hair dryer this morning, which is an improvement

    In the mornings D gives them bottles and such and then they stay in their cots - we toss them some books and soft toys - and they're supposed to stay there until V arrives at 7.30. It doesn't always work, but most times it allows us to get ready.

    Weekends are another matter - we only get dressed and ready when they go down for their morning nap. We've started a new thing where one parent gets dressed while the other one watches the babies and this seems to work too.

  3. OH the joys of motherhood! I manage to get up before Ava wakes up in the morning on the days I am working. I am sure this won't last when I start back full-time. As for the pictures of the girls asleep....priceless. Ava has never cat napped like that.

  4. I get up before the clan, around 5:45AM to get ready. Otherwise, it will never happen. I love my sleep and hate when that alarm goes off. But the alternative, an unshowered mama... is not pretty.

    Adorable pictures!


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