What'cha Reading? Wednesday (or Thursday...)

Joining Rebecca today yesterday for a little update on what I've been reading lately.

The best thing I have read lately is The Thirteenth Tale.  A friend recommended it, saying she knew I would love the twin aspect of the book (which I did).  From the description, I knew it wasn't something I would normally pick out for myself, but I am glad I took her advice and tried it out.

It takes a bit of suspended disbelief to digest the story in places.  Much of the book is told by a storyteller/author, and it reads as a good personal story.  I am finding myself very much looking for a good story right now; one that will transport me to another time and place.  You know, one of those books that just sucks you in so that you forget everything going on around you.  Those are the books I find most worth my time lately.

One interesting thing about this book is that I couldn't place the time period of the story.  There is really no mention of modern technology at all, and a main character is writing down the story using pencil and paper.  The characters write letters to obtain information, with no mention of conducting a Google search (my gosh, do you remember what life was like before we just Googled everything we wanted to find??).

Anyway, it's a fun read, with lots of little secrets to figure out along the way.  You don't realize until the end that there's a larger mystery tying them all together, and as a friend said, it would be interesting to go back and read again after knowing the ending.

Other than The Thirteenth Tale, I have been mainly reading some free Kindle books.  The one I am currently reading is INFURIATING.  It's not a bad story, but it keeps going back to tell the same things from different characters' perspectives.  I am only about 65% of the way through, and I feel like the story should have been over a long time ago.  With a paper-and-ink book, I would have long ago flipped ahead to figure out the ending...but that's a lot harder to do with Kindle (which I alternately love and hate).  I have been reading long enough to feel invested in the story and I want to see how it ends, so I guess I will keep on reading; maybe I will just skim the boring parts. 

(The book, by the way, is called The Year She Fell, so don't start it if you don't want to be in for a LONG read.)

I also finally read Abigail Pogrebin's My Life as an Identical Twin back before Christmas.  I am going to save my thoughts on it for a separate post though.  It was an interesting read, especially for those with identical or same-sex multiples.

So, what have YOU been reading lately?  Head over to Rebecca's post for more Whatcha Reading? Wednesday.


  1. I'm reading a Christian sex book :) and a Karen Kingsbury. And Reluctant Entertainer which is FULL of those sticky tags I just wrote about

  2. What in the hell is a Christian sex book? Now I'm intrigued!

    I think I'm going to add this book to my Kindle sample (along with countless others)...I love a good story! Thanks for playing!


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