Mackenzie was sick with a fever this weekend, and sometime Saturday night, Addison decided to join in the fun as well.  It was obvious that Addison did not feel as bad as Mackenzie did, but nonetheless, she was up and down all night with the rest of us. 

Around three a.m., as Jeremy and I sat on the couch, each holding a fidgeting, unhappy baby, I thought, There is absolutely no way we are ever having another baby.  Yes, I think it's safe to say that we had flashbacks to the worst of our first few weeks home with the girls. 

After a night of maybe three cumulative hours of restless sleep, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself on Sunday.  All four of us dragged around in the morning, doing the best we could with what sleep we had.  Mackenzie still seemed to feel awful (no idea what was wrong, other than a fever hovering around 100-102), but Addison was not quite as puny so she went to my mom's for awhile.  With the parent-child ratio at 2:1, Jeremy and I were both able to squeeze in a decent nap.

Still feeling like we had been through a night of sleep-deprivation torture, I voiced my no more children platform to Jeremy, who quickly agreed.  (We aren't completely serious, by the way, and I do plan to address our thoughts on future children one of these days...)

Although Mackenzie is still weak and drained from her whatever-it-was illness, last night was blissfully near normal.  With a much clearer head, I was thinking how spoiled we are with our good-sleeping babies that just a couple of nights of broken sleep left us feeling all out of sorts. 

Today I read this article, about a lady whose two-year-old quite literally doesn't sleep, and I felt downright silly for complaining about a coupld of nights.  My girls are pretty awesome, and their sleeping patterns are just one tiny part of what makes them so downright amazing.

What was your worst night of sleep with your kids?  Saturday night was probably the closest to our first night home from the hospital, which still holds the title of WORST NIGHT of (no) sleep ever.  Seriously, think about your worst sleep experience, then go read the article above and count your blessings.  : )


  1. My worst night with my girls was when they were like 3 weeks old. I was up all night trying to put them to sleep, one hour with each girl during the long night. Horrible night.

  2. *knock, knock, knock on wood*

    I don't think we've had a worst night yet!!! The first month home from the NICU with the feedings every three hours was rough but manageable. I do loathe when they are sick, babies shouldn't feel like that (and we should get to sleep!!).

  3. I think I've blocked our "worst night ever" memories! :)

    We did have a messy night last night, as B threw up a couple of times. As soon as I got everything cleaned up from the first time, both babies back to bed, it happened again. I can't complain, though...she was such a trooper, and both girls lay right back down after the ordeal.

    I hope your girlies are back to 100% soon!

  4. I think I've blocked it out too but it was definitely during August 2009 once K had joined C at home. There were nights both D and I fell asleep with babies in our arms, amazed they didn't fall out our arms and bang their little bodies on our bedside tables, etc.

    TERRIBLE times - I will NEVER repeat! And I am not joking!

  5. Worst night? When either kid has a really stuffy nose, high fever, or bad cough and has to sleep with us. We never do that and I seriously can't sleep a wink.

    God, I remember those early days too...can't believe we made it through!

    Wow..."parent-killers?" That's rough!!

  6. You know, we don't have bad nights either! Even when the girls are sick, they go to sleep and just don't wake up. The only time they wake up is if either of them have an ear infection. Really, that's the only time. It's nice to put them down and know it's over for the day. :)
    Worst night by far. First night home with them. Not one wink of sleep. Brutal!

  7. Our worst night was when we took our daughter to the nearest clinic because we were out of town and she wasn't feeling well. We wanted to see what we could do before we started the drive home. Long story short we wound up with her in emergency surgery (that didn't happen until about 1:00 am), a recovery that didn't happen like they wanted so she wound up in ICU (ended up two weeks in the hospital) all while we were out of town. I had to leave the hospital at about 4:00 am and drive to our office (several hours away) to take care of business that couldn't be put off. I think we both went about 40 +/- hours without sleep. That's by far been the worst and she was 6 when it happened.


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