We're not in Alabama anymore

Actually, we are still in Alabama, but it doesn't feel like it right now!  Remember the few inches of snow we got on Christmas day?  That snow is but a distant memory since we woke up to this today:



We have around six inches on the ground, which in Alabama, means that we are homebound for the time being.  I have no experience driving in the snow and no desire to learn the proper technique.  Early on, you couldn't even tell where the yards ended and our street began, but my cousin Lindsey braved it to come visit her favorite little snow-loving girls.  After her vehicle and a couple of others, along with several four-wheelers, you could at least find the road.


All that slush should re-freeze tonight into a nice thick sheet of ice, meaning I am certainly not leaving the house tomorrow...even if I am beginning to get a little stir crazy, which I am.

After a hard week including the loss of a very sweet friend, it is pretty nice to just be at home with my family.  I am feeling a bit on edge, emotionally speaking, so home is probably a good place for me right now.

We spent the day playing in the snow, napping, coloring, making snow cream, reading books, and riding toys around the house.  Now, the girls are tucked in their warm beds, Jeremy is watching some silly football game (you Bama fans know the one I mean!  : )  ), and I am about to head to my bed with a book.  Today was exactly what a snow day should look like, and I will be glad for another one tomorrow. 

After that, though, I will either need some company, a babysitter, or a strong drink!


Do you see how ill-prepared we are for snow?  My children are wearing:  fleece pajamas, plastic bags wrapped around their feet to keep them dry, leg warmers over the bags and pajamas, snow boots, coats, hats, and gloves that will barely stay on their hands.  Since this snow was predicted ahead of time (and was correctly predicted to be more than we have had in many years), there was a run on bread and milk at the local grocery stores.  It's an old joke in the South...when it snows, you better go get your bread and milk.  I never really understood the bread part, and I only care about the milk since I have little kids.  But for me?  I need to make sure we have a good stock of Diet Dr. Pepper and peanut butter and crackers...I can live on that for awhile if the power goes out! 

I tried to find the picture our local news showed of a nearby grocery store that was WIPED OUT of both bread and milk, but I couldn't find it.  Craziness, I tell you.

So, for you people who deal with more frequent winter weather, any good snowy-day activities for almost-two-year-olds?  Tips for keeping our sanity while stuck at home?


  1. I LOVE THE PICS! Those black and white ones are just beautiful :)

    Remember that post I sent you when we had ONE tiny bit of snow in Jhb? We are TOTALLY ill prepared even for cold weather - the minute it gets to about 15 degrees Celsius, everybody goes to buy all the heaters at the shops and our news broadcasts start warning us about excessive electricity usage LOL

  2. One of our favorite snow day activities? I get some cookie sheets/bowls and fill them with fresh snow from outside. Then I bring the snow inside and let the kids play with it at the kitchen table. They build snowmen, make snowballs, etc. They always enjoy it because they are warm inside, but get the benefit of being able to play with the snow too! Then when their snow is melting and their little hands are chilly, we get out the hot chocolate!

    I'm sorry about your friend. You certainly do need a glass of wine...or maybe some "special" hot chocolate (like with a touch of Bailey's)! Hang in there!

  3. lol. our kids still stare at the snow with awe. :) waiting to see what other people share as good ideas!!

  4. Beautiful pictures of snow.

  5. You're so funny...I love that you have no desire to learn the proper technique for driving in the snow.

    The girls looked adorable with their plastic bags and everything! Hysterical!

  6. Catching up....
    Wow, you guys did get a lot of snow! It is beautiful though and I love that sweet picture of your girls!
    Ours finally is almost gone. Abby & Emma went a full week of no snow. Monday will be a make-up day from December's snow and then they will have to make up this week.
    Glad you survived your snow days at home.


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