My First Say What?! Wednesday

Missy hosts Say What?! Wednesday every week to highlight the funny and memorable things our kids say.  I love reading the hilarious things kids come up with, but until now, the 'sayings' in our house have been limited to 'mama', 'daddy', 'poo-poo', 'pee-pee', and other standard early words.

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, Addison & Mackenzie are starting to put things together much more clearly and are picking up on things at an astonishing rate.  So while reading through this week's posts, I realized I could finally add a couple of recent sayings from my house.  (My girls are really growing up!) 

One day earlier this week, I mentioned to Jeremy that I need to start thinking about the girls' second (!!) birthday party, which is coming up in April.  I said we might have a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday, since they (Mackenzie especially) are obsessed with 'choo-choos' right now.

Me to the girls:  What kind of birthday party do you want to have this year?
Mackenzie:  Cake.

Hey, at least she knows the most important element of any party...the food!

As I have mentioned, Addison doesn't talk as clearly or as often yet as Mackenzie does, but she managed to throw a funny of her own in the conversation tonight.  My mom was here while the girls were finishing their supper, and I said they might not have a bath tonight (darn that itchy, dry winter skin...). 

Me to A & M:  Do you want to take a bath tonight or not?
Addison, plain as day and including a little head shake:  Not.

Oh, these girls...even after three and a half days of being snowbound with little outside contact, they can still make me smile!

Even though my driveway is still a solid sheet of ice, it's back to work for me tomorrow.  I am not too sad about it, especially since we are delayed two hours.  I can only take so much quality time at home in one week!  : )


  1. I love it!

    Connor is also less verbal than Kendra but "Connor, do you want to go sleep?" "NO!" just like that - okay then :)

    Enjoy your day at work tomorrow, with a hot cup of tea all the way through...

  2. For the longest time, the song "Happy Birthday" was renamed to "Happy Cake" in our house. I loved it!!!

  3. Too funny! Wow, they are growing up so fast! Adorable Say Whats - Thank you for playing along!


    Y'know, I've thrown both cake ball and cookie-decorating parties. I bet a cake-themed party would be awesome!


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