Pray for Robb

New Year's post coming soon...and one of my goals is to blog more regularly this year!  I always mean to write more often, then I need this picture or that picture, and the post just never makes it up. 

Anyway!  In the meantime, can you please say some prayers for a good friend and church member, Robb?  He has been in ICU since last Tuesday, when he went into the hospital because he just wasn't feeling well at all.  The doctors have no idea what is wrong; they say it must be something viral, but cannot find anything on any of the tests they have run.  This weekend, Robb's kidneys and liver stopped functioning, and though we had some signs of improvement over the last 24 hours, I have just received word that he is bleeding internally and the doctors are giving no more hope.

My heart is just heavy for my friend and his family right now.  He is only 47, and is one of the kindest, gentlest, most giving people I know.  I just can't imagine that two weeks ago he was fine, and now he is slipping away from us for absolutely no known reason.

Prayers for his family and our church family are appreciated.  We are still hoping for a miracle for our friend.


  1. Oh my! How terrible! Praying...

  2. So sad! Praying for Robb and his family...

  3. So sad...you just never know. Thoughts going his way.


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