Thursday Evening Snippets

Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week.  It's almost the end of the week, there's anticipation of Friday and the coming weekend, and there's awesome tv on Thursday nights.  Oh, and it's our more casual dress day at work...that helps too. 

Speaking of tv, I have a confession to make...I don't watch American Idol or Lost.  Like, not at all, ever.  My top Thursday night shows are Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office (which I usually watch online over the weekend).  But, yeah, I'm missing out on those two pop-culture phenomenons.  AI just isn't my thing...I don't care for reality tv in general.  I hear good things about Lost, and I know it has quite a following.  I didn't watch it when it first came on, then I felt like it was too much trouble to try and catch up.  Once this last season is over, I'm thinking I might watch the entire series from the beginning on DVD.  Of course, that means I will have to avoid spoiler-type talk about the ending, but I think I can do it.  Do you watch Lost?  Would you recommend it for my summertime tv-on-DVD obsession?

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, other than to continue getting things in order around the house.  I'm looking forward to making some progress while Jeremy is home to entertain the babies.  So far, I'm doing better at keeping the house picked up and keeping up with the laundry, dishes, etc.  It's a job just to keep up with that during the week though, so I haven't gotten a whole lot of organizing/unpacking done.  Instead of letting our laundry pile up until I have nothing left to wear and then having a massive washing/drying/folding party, I've come to the realization that if I just do one load of laundry each weeknight I can stay caught up.  Imagine that!  ONE load is not overwhelming, I can easily toss it in before I fix my supper, then fold and put away right before bed.  Now, if I can just make myself stick with it...

For the last bit of randomness on this Thursday night, I wanted to pass along two posts that have made me both laugh and cry this week.  This one, from one of my favorite blogs, made me a little-misty-eyed, but in a good way.  This post is of a different variety than the first, but it is absolutely one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking, and emotional stories I have ever read.  Don't forget the kleenex. 


  1. Haha..I totally agree about Thursday night tv. My DVR is hopping. I record many shows. I am a HUGE Lost fan. I have been watching it for years though. I will admit that you will have to start from the beginning and even then you will be confused. I recommend it. I love it.

  2. Found your blog through Two Little Monkeys...wanted to commiserate with your laundry issues. It's not doing it that bothers me...it's folding it and putting it away! Argghhhhh!!!

  3. We have similar Thurs. TV nights! I LOVE Grey's and was mad when I realize it is a rerun. I watch Private Practice, Project Runaway (just because I went to school with one of the contestants), and Real Housewives of the OC.
    I have never watched Lost and I am not an AI fan.
    Great minds think alike!!!

  4. We're not that into reality TV either, so AI and Lost have all been lost on us. On Friday nights we record Smallville, as we love all things Superman in this house. Our other favorite show is House. That would be great to catch up on DVD. When I was on bedrest in the hospital with the boys, I caught up on reruns of House on some station and it was great. We started watching it after it has been on for a long time and there was a lot of background I didn't know.

  5. Hahaha I am glad I am not alone in what TV shows are on make it a good day :) Love Bones...and have to admit I do watch AI. I have never seen Lost either, I feel the same as you...I am so far behind I don't know about catching up.

  6. I'm with you: I'm going to wait until Lost is over and then watch the whole thing---IF everyone who watches it is satisfied with the ending.

    I don't watch AI because it's so PAINFUL.

  7. Ok... I've been reading Matt's blog for the last 2 hours! I saw him on Oprah, but never read his blog. Thanks for the new addiction!!


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