(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Wheeee!!!

Addison swinging

Mackenzie swinging

We took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather (70 degrees, woo-hoo!!) this weekend to try out the swings in our new backyard.  They had one baby swing up and one regular swing, so we just switched out the regular one with a second baby swing for now.  I didn't notice until I was editing these pictures that Mackenzie's swing has bird droppings on the front.  Oops... 

As you can see, Addison (top picture) had a great time swinging.  Mackenzie found a little less impressive, but she did finally crack a smile or two.  We enjoyed our afternoon outside, and can't wait for spring so we can spend lots more time out there!


  1. Those are gorgeous photos! My Jessica loves to swing, the higher the better. Melody? She's only recently started let us push her at all. She just likes to float in place.

  2. So cute! (And I am insanely jealous of your seventy degree weather!!)


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