Mom Fail (times two)

Warning--this post contains poop talk.  Proceed at your own risk!  : )

My poor little Mackenzie and I have had some trials this weekend.  It all started Friday night after bathtime.  I have been bathing the girls together for a couple of weeks now (which, by the way, is so much fun...I love to watch them playing in the tub!).  I usually take two diapers to the bathroom with me and put them on the babies as I get them out of the bath.  Then, we head to the bedroom to finish getting dressed one at a time. 

Mackenzie has had a little bit of diaper rash, so when I got her out of the tub on Friday, I decided to let her go diaper-free for a few minutes while I got Addison dressed...to let her "air-out," as my mom would say.  You probably see where this is going, right?  She was over in her crib, playing happily while I wrestled Addie into her pajamas.  I look over to see that Mackenzie has pulled up on the side of her crib, then she got very still and let out a little sigh of relief.  Getting suspicious, I picked Addison up and headed over to investigate, thinking please, please don't pee in your bed.  Well, let's just say she didn't pee in the bed...

About the time I got to her crib, Mackenzie was plopping down to continue playing in her POOP.  I screamed a little (yeah, I'm not the best under pressure), and stood there for a second, trying to figure out what to do with poor Addison.  I think at first I put Addison down in Mackenzie's crib, before I thought about it and realized she would be in the poop in about 30 seconds!  I scooped Addison over to her own (poop-free) crib, and yanked Mackenzie up to survey the damage.  It was not pretty, especially for the crib sheets, but at least the damage was confined to Mackenzie's rear end...she hadn't yet gotten her hands in it, thank goodness.  I got her cleaned up fairly quickly and changed the sheet, feeling a little like I was housetraining a puppy again (you know how you pick up the puppy poop in tissue and go flush it?  TMI, right?) 

So, we survived the first major poop outside the diaper crisis.  I fully expect it to happen in the tub before it's all said and done, but hopefully it will be on Daddy's watch next time!  Here's my little pooper after she was all cleaned up:


Who, me?

What's the big deal?  It's just a little poop.

Unfortunately, the next incident was a little tougher on Mackenzie.  Sunday morning, I was in my bedroom getting dressed while the girls played in their crib.  I heard a big thud and ran into their room to find Mackenzie ON THE FLOOR in front of her crib.  She FLIPPED out of her bed!  I was so scared, but she seemed to be fine, just a little shaken up.  Thank goodness she started screaming immediately...it scares me more than anything when a baby falls and doesn't make any noise.  If they are screaming, they are breathing!

I have been a nervous wreck leaving them in their cribs since Sunday morning.  I jump up at the first sound in the morning, afraid they will decide to pull up and go for a dive again.  The crib matresses will definitely be lowered when we move next week! 

Wait, did I mention we are moving into our new house next week?  We closed last Thursday, the painter will finish up tomorrow, and new appliances should be delivered on Saturday.  I'm not looking forward to all the hard work that this weekend holds, but I am SO looking forward to being settled in our home-the home I plan to keep for a long, long time!

Standing safely
Mackenzie practicing her standing in a much safer spot.

Silly Addison
Addison and her daddy being silly.


  1. Oh my goodness your girls are stunning! So so beautiful! When in April is their birthday? My boys will be 2 on April 3.

    We had our first major poop issue just a few months ago. The boys were in the tub, one decided to explode IN THE TUB. I pulled them both out and let them stand at the sink and brush their teeth.

    I had no clue the drain took so long to drain the tub. I was waiting for it to drain so I could clean the tub and start baths ALL over again.

    While waiting, because I'm a genious, I didn't put diapers on the boys. Maddox finished the job he started in the tub on his step stool. I cleaned him and that up...then Marcus decided to do the same exact thing!

    Oh my gosh it was horrible! But I had to just laugh because that was the only way to get through it.

    Every single thing in that bathroom was bleached after that incident, and I have learned my lesson since then :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my "place". Your blog is awesome. I will certainly be back to visit :-)

  2. We have had poop incidents before...not fun but they are gonna happen. Oh Ava fell out of her high chair. I freaked out but those things happen too.

  3. haha, oh the poop stories i have =) you get double the stories with twins!! Your blog is so pretty and your girls are just beautiful!!


  4. Thank goodness for a poop story! I was afraid I was the only one who had them. Although two of my girls made a much bigger mess than that, and unfortunately more than once.

    Glad Mackenzie is okay after the fall. That's always scary!

    Also, I am passing along a Beautiful Blog award to you. You can find out more about it on my blog http://lifewithquads.blogspot.com

    Good luck with the moving and hope you get settled quickly.

  5. Glad to hear I'm not alone with the poop stories!! Nicole--I'm thinking there are going to be a lot more falls in our future too...but they will always make my heart jump into my throat!

  6. Funny story! I can't wait for the boys to start pulling up and they're not even crawling yet! Hope moving is going well and definitely put the mattresses down as soon as you can.


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