So, I've had this plan since shortly after the girls were born that I could make their baby food myself. Everything I've read talks about how easy it is to make, and I was definitely tempted by thinking about the money we could save. Knowing they would be starting baby food soon, I made my first batch the weekend before last. Surprise, surprise...it actually WAS pretty easy! I made squash, zuchinni, and green beans to get started. I steamed the squash and zuchinni and cooked the green beans in the crock pot. I used my Tupperware manual food chopper for some, but the green beans required the blender. I'm using the ice-cube tray method to freeze the food for about 48 hours, then transfer to a ziploc freezer bag to store. I think it's working well! My homemade version may be slightly chunkier than a jar of stage 1 food, but I think that's okay, right? There are no big chunks that I think they could choke on or anything. Anyway, yeah, Miss Undomestic is actually doing okay with the baby food-making thing!

At the girls' four-month checkup, the pediatrician asked if we had been feeding them cereal from a spoon yet. We have started playing around some, and although they don't seem to be eating much at all, it's going pretty well for our first attempts. The doctor gave the go-ahead for them to eat fruits, veggies, and most anything else as we get ready to feed it to them.

Tonight, we decided to try peas for the first time. The results:

Mackenzie is not so sure (picture above),
but Addison thinks they're pretty good! (picture below)

Maybe my cooking isn't TOO bad!!

I guess eating big-girl food inspired Mackenzie to show Mama a new trick tonight...
We've been working with them since about day 4 (literally), trying to teach them to hold their own bottles. Tonight, Mackenzie did it for longer than ever before! Note the stack of burp cloths helping to prop it up...you do what you gotta do. ; ) I was so proud of her, and she actually did it long enough for me to run and grab the camera. Now, if she will just keep it up and teach her sister how to do it!


  1. You go girl! You rock! When my girls were babies I did good just to feed them let alone make their food from scratch! I am envious!

  2. Hello! I saw your comment on my blog not to long ago...it is a small world about your family in Collierville! We love it here! Your girls are beautiful! Good job on getting them to eat green veggies. My girls are strict sweet potato lovers. I got tired of cleaning up green puke so I don't push it any more ;)

  3. I mad all my baby food myself and it is really easy. Although I only start solids at 6 months and just left out the whole cereal thing.


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