Four Months

Finally, the four-month post! Everyone says how quickly time will fly and the infant stage will be gone. I realize now exactly how true that statement is! It seems like a blur sometimes... I am trying my best to write down everything I can, because I know now how quickly things change. I am keeping a book of letters to the girls each month (trying to anyway!), and I thought I would post the four-month letter here....
Dear Addison & Mackenzie,
This week you turned four months old. I say it every month, but it's so true...it's really hard to believe it has been four months since you came into our lives! These past four months have had their share of hard times (particularly the first month), but they have also been full of more love, laughter, and pure joy than I have ever known before. Watching you grow has been so much fun, and we rejoice with each new milestone you reach. At times, I'm sad to see you move on to new things, because it reminds me how quickly the time is passing. Then you do something incredibly cool or funny, and I remember that you are getting more and more fun every day. Your daddy is so happy you will finally laugh at his silly faces and noises. It's like you finally know who we are, that we are the ones who love you most in this world.
This month, you have become such happy, smiley babies. You can finally entertain yourselves for a little bit (which takes a little pressure off me and daddy!). You love to lay in your bed and watch your mobile, and tv time seems to be one of your favorite treats. This morning, I listened to you giggle and squeal watching Baby Einstein. It was truly one of the sweetest things I've heard. We separated you for the first time this month, so you now sleep in separate beds. It seems you both rest a little more peacefully that way, and I for one am loving the extra sleep! You are sleeping about 9 hours a night, and sometimes taking two 2-hour naps or more during the day. I think your Jen-Jen will have you on a nap schedule soon! You have tried cereal from a spoon this month, and although you aren't really sure what to do with it, I'm sure it won't take you long to figure it out. I'm also working on making you some yummy vegetables to try soon!
Four months is an amazing time to be your mama, sweet girls. You are such a blast to be around, and you get more fun every day. Instead of being sad when the next stage gets here, I will try to remember that it will probably bring even more fun things than this one has. : ) Your daddy and I love you so, so much, and we feel incredibly blessed to call you ours.
Love, Mama
Because I'm late on this post, I have the four-month health stats also:
Addison: 12lbs, 2oz., 23 1/4 inches (just about average for her adjusted age)
Mackenzie: 13lbs. even, also 23 1/4 inches (just above the 50th percentile for adjusted age)
We have to continue trying to keep Addison from laying down flat too much, because her head is just a little on the flat side. It's a common problem for multiples, and the dr. said there's a good chance it may work out on it's own. If not, we may have to do a cranial band (baby helmet) for a little while. We're going to try hard to keep her off that head!
Everything else looks good, and we have the official go-ahead to experiment with food as we feel they're ready. That should provide some good entertainment!
It is getting increasingly hard to get the girls to sit still for a picture together. The official four-month picture up top is the best I could do at the time! Then they both got interested in staring at Mackenzie's pajamas, and Addison decided to love on Mackenzie a little. I love these girls!

(I apologize if this post looks like one long, run-on paragraph...it's not recognizing my line breaks, and I'm not technical enough to know what to do about it!) : )


  1. What a beautiful sweet post! Your girls are 4 mos and mine are 4 years today! Time flies so fast! You girls are beautiful!

  2. Your girls are beautiful!!! They look like so much fun. I still get sad when the girls do something new and they are 3. We are learning to pee pee in the potty but somehow that doesnt make me so sad. Ha! They are enjoying every minute of it and I must say, doing a great job at it! I read your post about the knot on one of the girls necks and Kennedy has one on her neck as well. I watch it quite often but it hasnt gotten any bigger. Thank God. Sorry such a long comment but I wanted to say they girls are dolls!


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