Looking Back

I knew it was this time last year that we found out I was pregnant, and I began scrolling back through old posts, remembering. Turns out, it was a year ago today we made the announcement on the blog. What a year it's been! It cracks me up to read that post and see myself saying, "the baby...." I only used that phrase for about two weeks before it became "the babies," then "the girls"!!

What sweet, sweet girls they are. My mom got them out to meet me for lunch today, and naturally, it came a downpour while we were eating. (She doesn't venture out with them too often during the day, so it figures that it would happen on the day she does come out.) Addison was so funny. I guess she thought our drinks were supposed to be her bottle or something... whenever we put a cup to our mouths to take a drink, she would shriek and get mad! Addison is actually turning into a little screamer this week. Not screaming as in mad, just yelling. I guess she's just learned she can do that. Let's hope the new wears off soon. : ) Mackenzie is her usual laid-back, content self. She slept through most of lunch, then woke up to people-watch for a little while.



I am so glad it's Friday, so I can spend the whole weekend smooching on these beautiful faces!!

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  1. I remeber clearly when I hit my 1 year mark also. Wow how times flies even when you are hugly pregnant or with newborn twins. My Identical twin boys are 21 months now and its amazing how quickly they grow. Your girls are adorable!!


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