There were a couple of firsts in our house this past weekend. One was good; one not so good. The good first-Addison rolled over! Too bad none of us saw it...she was in her crib while Jeremy and I both changed clothes after a shopping trip. I heard her start crying and thought she was just mad because they were left in the nursery alone (how is it possible that they already hate to be left alone in a room??). Turns out, she was crying because she all of a sudden found herself on her tummy! Even though she was thoroughly ticked off about being on her tummy, I had to snap a picture before we picked her up.

Both babies are starting to enter the stages of mobility. I'm sure it won't be long before Mackenzie is rolling as well. Addison can also push herself around on her back, using her heels. Life is getting a little more conmplicated now that we have to make sure they are contained every time we turn our backs. It was so easy when we could lay them on the couch to run and take care of something else! : ) But I'll take it, because they are also entering the stage of being able to entertain themselves for short periods of time, which is really nice!

The other first this weekend? That would be the babies' first colds. Addison was the first to show symptoms, on Saturday. She was sneezing, stuffy, and had watery eyes. She was a lot better on Sunday, but poor Mackenzie had it in full force by then. And of course, I took my turn with it beginning yesterday! We are all recovering pretty well, after a day home for all of us yesterday, but it was a rough weekend. Mackenzie slept in the bed with me two nights, because she cried every time we laid her down in her bed. I was afraid she might not want to go back to her bed, but she seems fine with it.

Other than that brief setback, life has been pretty good...just busy as usual. I'll end with a couple of pictures of my sweeties after church last week. Aren't they adorable in their Feltman Brothers outfits? : )

I love Mackenzie's face in this one, while Addison chews her hand, as usual.

The happy family.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I can't really remember how....anyway. I am pregnant, expecting twin girls in December. I am so excited to have found your blog and I have gone back and read each post since your babies were born! I would love any advice that you have to give! Do your girls still sleep in the same crib? I didn't see your email but would love for you to email me with any encouragement/advice. Thanks! nwpylant@gmail.com

  2. Yay! Big girl! But boy she looks mad! I love those sweet & precious pictures! They are adorable!

  3. I hope that everyone is feeling better- babies with colds are NO fun =( Luke caught a cold in July kindly shared it with the twins. And way to go Addison!! Maybe Mackenzie and Abby will figure it out soon =) The girls look beautiful in their Feltman Brothers outfits - I love it!

  4. Your girls are beautiful. Just found your blog. Greetings from South Africa.


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