Two Year Update

Before the chaos set in last week, Addison and Mackenzie went to the doctor for their two-year checkup.  We got a good report, and Mackenzie's sight actually showed some improvement so the pediatrician said we could skip the optometrist for now (there had been some concern last year and he referred us to a specialist, but we kept putting it off...I mean, obviously she can see, so it didn't seem too pressing). 

Mackenzie has a bit of a skin issue on the back of her knee that we are trying to stop before it spreads any more, and the doctor suggested we stop bathing the girls together and "take the time" to bathe each on separately.  Now, I love our pediatrician and have been totally happy with his care, but I very nearly laughed out loud at that suggestion.  (Marcia, I know you do it...I don't see how!)  Of course, the main problem is that it's just me home at night during the week.  What am I supposed to have the other child do while I am bathing her sister?  Do I expect her to sit quietly and not get soaking wet?  HA!

Otherwise, the girls are still itty-bitty, but we expected that.  I mean, Jeremy and I aren't exactly first-string basketball players.  Addison is 32 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs., 3 oz.  Mackenzie is 32 3/4 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs., 7 oz.  When they stand together, I can tell Mackenzie is slightly taller, so I was a little surprised it was less than an inch difference. 

Developmentally, the girls are right on track, as we felt pretty confident they were.  They actually talked a bit to the nurses and doctor this time, which was a change from the screaming they have done the last few times we were there!  I kept saying we were going to let the doctor "see how big you are", and that put them a little more at ease.  They let the nurses weigh and measure them without complaint, and though Addison burst into tears when Dr. K first walked in the room, both girls stayed calm and let him examine them.  When he was feeling of their tummies, I said he was tickling them.  A day or so later, Mackenzie said out of the blue, "Dr. K tickled me!"  Their little memories are constantly amazing me.  My big girls didn't cry when the nurse took blood from their toes, and Mackenzie even took her shot without a whimper.  Drama-free doctor visits are definitely awesome. 

Some things I want to remember about the girls at age two, which I am sure I will expand on in the coming weeks...
---Their language is developing so quickly.  All of a sudden, both girls are beginning to put together sentences. 

---Mackenzie's first real sentence (that I took note of, anyway) was Mama come outside with us.  Addison's was I'll do it, which continues to be heard approximately 50 or so times every day.  Variations include I'll hold it; I'll take it; I'll get it, etc.

---The Toy Story love is still going strong.  That is literally the ONLY thing A & M want to watch on tv right now.  We alternate between the original on DVR and "new one", as the girls call it (Toy Story 3) on Netflix Instant.  The current bedtime routine includes a half hour or so of Toy Story every night.

---The only store the girls know anything about is Wal Mart, and they will tell you that anything and everything came from "mal-mart", especially their favorite pink Nikes.  I don't know where the obsession came from, as they only go to the store once every other week or so, but they sure do love to talk about it!

---I am constantly amazed by the little things A & M pick up on.  Sunday morning, our power had finally come back on, but nothing was on except the ceiling fan.  Addison and I were snuggling on the couch and she pointed to the tv, asking me to turn it on.  Not wanting to get up and break the silence, I told her it still wasn't working.  She calmly pointed to the whirling ceiling fan and said, "Light, working.  Power!".  I looked at Jeremy to make sure he understood that she was processing the idea that the power was back on because the fan was working.  I told her again that the tv wasn't working; she again pointed to the fan and said, "Working!".  How can I argue with that two-year-old logic?

Though at times I am a little scared by my girls' strong wills and incessant chatter, it also guarantees some interesting times in store for us over the next few years!  : )


  1. Yes, we do separate baths because it's easier with one kid. Occasionally if we've been out and get back late we'll do a bath together (with both parents on hand, one baby for each one) to save time. But they're never as fun as the single baths.

    We leave Kendra in her cot with books and such while Connor is bathed and then he runs around with "friday" while she's having a bath. They do pop into the bathroom now and again to check on things but then they're off again.

    on the weekends when we're both here, the other child hangs out with me.

    about sassy kids, D reminds me often that I prayed for 80% sassy. Yip, I did. I still feel that edgy, sassy kids are far more interesting than compliant kids and I want them to lead and not follow! Like me :)

  2. omg. i can't believe that your kids are 2 yrs old! how did that happen? and i can't wait for the complete sentences :)

    you have a great way of looking at the strong wills and independent streaks! i hope that i'm as positive as you are in a few months!

    ...and seperate baths would likely kill me.

  3. The logic would scare me. Once they have that, they now know you're lying! The one thing you teach them not to do!

    I can't wait for that day, but I totally can!!

    I think I might have been insulted if the Dr. told me to take time for each baby, as if I didn't wash them well enough. Separate baths are a crazy idea! My bathroom is not big enough for an adult and a free roaming child with one in the tub. That's asking for a accident, an tantrum, or quite possible the end of the world!

  4. I am actually releived that A & M weighed that. Ava only weighed 23 lbs so that makes me feel better :)

  5. Totally impressed by that "power" comment... WOW! Aren't they amazing?!

  6. We can do separate, but we do prefer to do together. Like Marcia, we'll put the other one in their crib.

    Love the things they say. Last night Liam made me happy hearing him say "Thank you" several times and Tommy will put together "I'll do it!" or "Get me".

    We'll have to see if we have Toy Story at home. Right now the boys love Monsters, Inc. and Yo Gabba Gabba. They ask for both by name. It cracks me up.

    And as an electrical engineer, I love them understanding that if the fan is on the TV will work. Too cute! And too smart!

  7. We have never done separate baths, the girls love that time together to much for me to take it away. =)
    We also went through a Toy Story phase. It was the first movie Alex actually sat down and watched without getting sidetracked lol! ;) We love movie nights around here!

  8. Is more easy bath the girls together (at least for me).

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  9. Yea for healthy babies...the most important thing!

    And that's so cool about Addison putting two and two together about the power being back on...isn't it amazing what they understand?!!!

    Sometime after our girls' second birthday is when they really started to explode with language. It seems like even two weeks can make a huge difference in what they can say at this age. And it's so incredibly fun!!!

    We do separate baths, too. When I have to do it by myself, which is rare, I put the other babe in the pack-and-play in our room. I'm super speedy with baths...in and out in five minutes...so no one has to wait very long. In one way, I wish bathtime could be a little more leisurely and fun, but it wears me out!!! So I keep it pretty utilitarian. :)


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